Graduate Student Spotlight: Tiffany Howlett

Hailing from Memphis, TN,Tiffany Howlett's educational path at UofM represents acontinuation of her commitment to personal growth, public service, and a deep-rooted sense of community.

Tiffany's academic journey began at the University of Memphis, where she pursuedher undergraduate degree aspart of the Finish Line Program in 2019. As a result,Tiffany proudly holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree with concentrations in Organizational Leadership and Cultural Studies.

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Motivated by her desire to make a positive impact on her community, Tiffany made the decision tofurther her education at UofM,pursuing a Master of Public Administration in Public Management and Policy. Thisprogram serves as a catalyst forher journey to enhance the well-being of the government she lives works, and plays in.

While pursuing her graduate degree, Tiffany worked full-time at the Public Works Department of the City of Germantown. Public service liesat the core of her values, drivingher daily efforts to serve the community she calls home.

For Tiffany, UofM was the natural choice for her continued education.

The University holds aspecial place in her heart asit represents not only a placeof learning but also acommunity that hasconsistently supported her inher pursuit of success.
Reflecting on her time atUofM, Tiffany describes it in one word: OPPORTUNITY.

The University has been a constant source of growth, providing her with the opportunity and platform to explore her potential fully. She attributes much of her personal and professional development to the support and guidance of the dedicated staff and professors at UofM. Their kindness, attentiveness, and encouragement to think outside the box have played a pivotal role in shaping Tiffany's academic journey and outlook on life.

Beyond graduation, she plans to embark on the next phase of her career utilizing the knowledge and skills gained during her time at UofM to make a lasting impact on her community.