UofM Graduate Student Spotlight: David Mayo – Nursing, Teaching, & Concerts

David MayoDavid Mayo, a Jackson, TN native, is a UofM Global graduate student that we are proud to spotlight!  He embodies the spirit of determination as he juggles a full-time job, academic pursuits, and a full life!

The Academic Journey Begins

David's academic journey commenced at Jackson State Community College, where he earned his Associate of Science in Nursing, laying the foundation for a promising career in healthcare. His thirst for knowledge and his commitment to excellence in nursing led him to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Current Academic Pursuit: Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Educator

Today, David is a part of the Loewenberg College of Nursing's Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Educator program at the University of Memphis. His pursuit of a graduate degree aligns with his passion for teaching and nurturing the next generation of nursing professionals.

Why UofM?

Choosing the right institution for graduate studies is crucial. David's research led him to the University of Memphis, and he concluded that the Loewenberg College of Nursing's program best suited his needs. The program's offerings, class sizes, and the convenience of the Lambuth campus all played a significant role in his decision. The Lambuth Library serves as a haven for his studies and research, offering a focused and productive environment.

Balancing Act: Work, Academics, and Life

Like many of our UofM graduate students, David's journey as a graduate student is busy and full! While pursuing his master’s degree, he works as an Adjunct Nursing Instructor at Jackson State Community College, further showcasing his commitment to both his own education and that of his students. On the weekends he works tirelessly in the Surgical ICU at Jackson Madison County General Hospital, contributing to the healthcare field.

In his free time, he attends concerts and enjoys the company of his two feline companions.

Words of Encouragement for Fellow Graduate Students

He encourages aspiring graduate students to: "Find a graduate school friend!" Having a supportive companion can make the journey seem less overwhelming. You can encourage each other, remind each other of deadlines, and hold each other accountable. Knowing that you're not alone and that you have a friend who shares the same responsibilities can be incredibly motivating.

Advancing His Education for Post-Graduation Aspirations

David chose to advance his education by getting his Master's because aspires to become a full-time nursing educator. His love for nursing students and his desire to nurture their growth and provide guidance is a testament to his commitment to the field.

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Acknowledgments and Gratitude

As David embarks on his academic journey, he extends heartfelt thanks to Bryan Nguyen for encouraging and pushing him to further his education and return to school. Additionally, he expresses his appreciation for the guidance and wisdom provided by Amy Wake, a dedicated professor at UofM's Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON), who has played a crucial role in his development as an adjunct nursing faculty member.

As he looks forward to a future as a nurse educator, we have no doubt that his impact will extend beyond the classroom, shaping the future of healthcare professionals. David's story serves as a reminder that, with determination and a supportive community, it is possible to balance life, work, and education on the path to academic excellence.