Graduate Student Spotlight: Dr. T. J. Turner

Graduation marks a significant milestone in the lives of many students, symbolizing years of hard work, dedication, and personal growth. For Dr. T. J. Turner, this momentous occasion is the culmination of a remarkable journey at the University of Memphis (UofM), where he pursued his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Voice Performance.

TJ Turner Couple Dancing Turner with students

Dr. Turner, vibrant and talented from Spartanburg, SC, has not only achieved academic success but has also seized numerous extraordinary opportunities and rubbed shoulders with renowned figures in his field. At the age of 27, Dr. T. J. Turner embarked on his educational adventure at UofM, driven by his passion for music and the desire to excel at a future career as a college-level voice professor.

One of the most significant milestones on Dr. Turner's path to graduation was the successful defense of his dissertation in March which showcased his expertise and demonstrated his mastery of the Voice Performance domain. While pursuing his doctoral degree, Dr. Turner had the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with and learn from a multitude of experts in his field. He found himself sharing the stage with some of the industry's most notable figures, including the likes of Renée Fleming, Dionne Warwick, and Leah Hawkins.

These encounters not only provided him with invaluable networking opportunities but also allowed him to witness firsthand the artistry and dedication that defines the world-class performers he aspires to emulate. In addition to performing alongside esteemed professionals, Dr. Turner was privileged to be part of several inaugural programs during his time at UofM such as the Grand Opening Gala of the Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center, the Honey Music Festival, and the Central to the Arts Festival.

Undoubtedly, the experiences gained through these performances and collaborations played a pivotal role in Dr. Turner's education and preparation for his future career: aspiring to become a full-time college-level voice professor.