Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Graduates from the University of Memphis Graduate School


Congratulations! You did it!

The Graduate School is excited to celebrate with you. We at the University of Memphis Graduate School recognize the significant accomplishments of our doctoral graduates and we want to celebrate their hard work.

We also want to honor the tremendous efforts of our master’s degree graduates. We applaud our students for achieving their academic goals.

View the Fall 2020 Commencement program for a list of all participating graduates >

Virtual Hooding Online Event

The hooding ceremony is an event that recognizes the significance of receiving a doctoral degree. It symbolizes the passing of the guard from one generation to the next generation. Candidates for the hooding ceremony will be full recipients of their doctorates at the graduation ceremonies. This celebration is in addition to the online graduation celebration by the Commencement Office.

The following students have earned their doctoral degrees in their major field of study and submitted their picture to be included herein. They are listed in alphabetical order.  Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments:

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Dr. LaTraci Aldridge, Dissertation title: “The Roles and Functions of the Virtual School Counselor”, Major Professor: Dr. Stephen A. Zanskas

Dr. Shawn Allison, Dissertation title:  "Many Do Succeed, You Know: African American Adult Student Success and Retention in Community Colleges", Major Professor: Dr. Wendy Griswold

Dr. Lisa Bryant, Dissertation title: "College Experiences of Individuals with Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disabilities: Stories of Our Success", Major Professors: Dr. William C. Hunter and Dr. Susan N. Nordstrom

Dr. Rosa Feleg, Dissertation title: "The Forecourt of Ramesses II at Luxor Temple: Cultic Features of the Interior Wall Reliefs" Major Professor: Dr. Peter J. Brand

Dr. Elizabeth Gravely, Dissertation title:  "Academic Coaching as Measured by Student Perceptions of Grit, Academic Self-Efficacy, Academic Commitment, Time Management, and GPA", Major Professor: Dr. Stephen A.  Zanskas

Dr. Dawson Hull , Dissertation title: "Emporium by Aldo López-Gavilán: A Declaration of Unity", Major Professor: Dr. Artina McCain

Dr. Kristin Lensch, Dissertation title:  "Adolph Steuterman and Organ Repertoire in Early-Twentieth-Century America, 1921-1924", Major Professor: Dr. Kenneth R. Kreitner

Dr. Jared Linna, Dissertation title: "Essays on the NYSE Retail Liquidity Program and Urban Redevelopment", Major Professor: Dr. Thomas McInish

Dr. Helen Long, Dissertation title: "Endogenous and social factors influencing infant vocalizations as fitness signals", Major Professor:  Dr. D. Kimbrough Oller

Dr. Roland Rayner, Dissertation title:  "Factors Contributing to Student Persistence at Tennessee Technical Colleges", Major Professor:  Dr. R. Eric Platt

Dr. Courtney Sievers, Dissertation title: "Multiple Job Holders: The Impact of Employment Structure on Health, Access to Care, and the Effect of Policy Intervention", Major Professor:  Dr.  Aram Dobalian

Dr. Alycia Taylor, Dissertation title:  "Writing Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities: Examining Teacher Practice, Preparedness, and Self-Efficacy", Major Professor:  Dr. J. Helen Perkins

Dr. Casie Wise, Dissertation title: "Teacher Identity and the Core: A Narrative Inquiry into the Relationship Between Teacher Identity and Lesson Planning in the Common Core Era", Major Professor: Dr. Beverly Cross