Congratulations to our Summer 2020 Graduates from the University of Memphis Graduate School


Congratulations! You did it!

The Graduate School is excited to celebrate with you. We at the University of Memphis Graduate School recognize the significant accomplishments of our doctoral graduates and we want to celebrate their hard work.

We also want to honor the tremendous efforts of our master’s degree graduates. We applaud our students for achieving their academic goals.

View the August 2020 Commencement program for a list of all participating graduates >

Virtual Hooding Online Event

The hooding ceremony is an event that recognizes the significance of receiving a doctoral degree. It symbolizes the passing of the guard from one generation to the next generation. Candidates for the hooding ceremony will be full recipients of their doctorates at the graduation ceremonies. This celebration is in addition to the online graduation celebration by the Commencement Office.

The following students have earned their doctoral degrees in their major field of study and submitted their picture to be included herein. They are listed in alphabetical order.  Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments:

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Dr. Faisal Alsubaei, Dissertation: “Security Assessment Framework for the Internet of Medical Things Solutions” Major Professor: Dr. Sajjan G. Shiva

Dr. Rhonda Mechelle Anthony, Dissertation: “Chasing Equity: Analyzing the Impact of Education Reform Policies on Black Students in Urban Schools” Major Professor: Dr. Steven L. Nelson

Dr. Caché Archer, Dissertation: “A Further Validation of the Mindful Self-Care Scale in Emerging Adults” Major Professor: Dr. Xu Jiang

Dr. Hyun Soon Cho Min, Dissertation: “A Contrastive Corpus Analysis on the use of Connectors in Students’ Writing from 10 Asian Countries as Compared to Native Experts: Research from the ICNALE (The International Corpus Network of Asian Learners of English)” Major Professor: Dr. Teresa S. Dalle

Dr. Kristina Michelle Decker, Dissertation: “Sleep Matters for Adolescents to Rise and Thrive: A Brief Motivational Intervention for Short Sleep Among Adolescents with Large Bodies” Major Professor: Dr. Idia B. Thurston

 Dr. Thomas Samuel Dodson, Dissertation: “Depression in Young Adult Women Following Childhood Maltreatment: The Role of Attitudes and Perceptions about Social Support” Major Professor: Dr. J. Gayle Beck

Dr. Jessica Marie Escareno, Dissertation: “How do Market and Organizational Factors Affect Quality of Care: Mammography Follow-up Rate” Major Professor: Dr. Paige Powell

Dr. Christina Friedlaender, Dissertation: “Shared Agency and Structural Oppression: The Ethics of Social Reality Management” Major Professor: Dr. Deborah Tollefsen

Dr. Jun Hao, Dissertation: “A Comparative Study of Young Children’s Risktaking Behavior in China and U.S.: A Multiplegroup Path Analysis” Major Professor: Dr. Yeh Hsueh

Dr. Robin Nicole Hardin, Dissertation: “Factors Associated with HIV among Black Women Experiencing Poverty: Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Race, and Class” Major Professor: Dr. Idia B. Thurston

Dr. Mark Gregory Horn, Dissertation: “The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback on Dissociation and Emotion Regulation, Possible Mediators of Externalizing Behavior in Adolescents in Residential Treatment” Major Professor: Dr. Sara K. Bridges

Dr. Ashley Monique Johnson, Dissertation: “Can’t Be Broken: The Survival of Black Girls in a Broken Educational System” Major Professor: Dr. Derrick Robinson

Dr. Kimberly Lauren Klages, Dissertation: “Health-Related Quality of Life, Obesity, Disrupted Sleep, and Psychosocial Problems among Youth with Craniopharyngioma” Major Professor: Dr. Kristoffer S. Berlin

Dr. Courtney DeNay Maclin, Dissertation: “Premature Treatment Termination in Integrated Primary Care: A Mixed Methods Investigation among African American Adults with Chronic Pain” Major Professors: Dr. Idia B. Thurston and Dr. Frank Andrasik

Dr. Adrian Jamal McLain, Dissertation: “Lessons not Learned are Lessons Learned: Historically Black Colleges’ and Universities’ Decades Long Battle with Racism, Privilege, and Dual Systems of Higher Education” Major Professor: Dr. Steven L. Nelson

Dr. Patrick J. McNicholas, Dissertation: “Determining Journal Article Impact in the School Psychology Literature Through Bibliometric Analyses” Major Professor: Dr. Randy G. Floyd

 Dr. Archie Milford Moss, Jr., Dissertation: “#Blackboysmatter: Dismantling Systems of Oppression for Black Boys Through Implementation of School-based Mentorship Programs” Major Professor:  Dr. Derrick Robinson

Dr. Christina Marie New, Dissertation: “Transgender Health Care: Symptom Disclosure, Gender Minority Stress, and Health Status” Major Professor: Dr. Sara K. Bridges

Dr. James Christopher O'Brien, Dissertation: “Yoknapatawpha Railroad: Trains and Mobility in the Novels of William Faulkner” Major Professor: Dr. Theron Britt

Dr. Caitlin Elise Nelms Price, Dissertation: “Neural Mechanisms Underlying Hierarchical Speech-in-Noise Processing” Major Professor: Dr. Gavin M. Bidelman

Dr. Nazir Saleheen, Dissertation: “Behavioral Privacy Risks and Mitigation Approaches in Sharing of Wearable Inertial Sensor Data” Major Professor: Dr. Santosh Kumar

Dr. Madeline Rae Stenersen, Dissertation: “The Development and Validation of the Attitudes Towards Individuals who Sell Sex Inventory (ATISS)” Major Professor: Dr. Elin Ovrebo

Dr. Beijia Tan, Dissertation: “Chinese and U.S. Young Children’s Executive Function and its Sociocultural Antecedents” Major Professor: Dr. Christian E. Mueller

Dr. Leslee Kathryn Bailey Tarbett, Dissertation: “Posthuman Iterations of Literacy Coaching: A Walking Inquiry” Major Professors: Dr. Laurie MacGillivray and Dr. Susan N. Nordstrom

Dr. Emil Fermin Ubaldo, Dissertation: “Collaborative Writing in an Online Synchronous Mode: Comparing L2 Learners’ Interactions, Texts, and Co-Authoring Experiences in Pairs and Groups” Major Professor: Dr. Rebecca J. Adams

Dr. Alexandra Fuss Vanderwerff, Dissertation: “The Relationship between the Impact of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Moderated by Remission Status, Remission Expectations and Post Traumatic Growth” Major Professor: Dr. Suzanne H. Lease

Dr. Jennifer L. Yeoward-Dodson, Dissertation: “Female Athletes’ Experiences of Body Surveillance, Body Shame, Depression Symptoms, and Self-Compassion” Major Professors: Dr. Suzanne H. Lease and Dr. Laura R. Marks