Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Graduates from the University of Memphis Graduate School

Congratulations! You did it!

The Graduate School is excited to celebrate with you. We at the University of Memphis Graduate School recognize the significant accomplishments of our doctoral graduates and we want to celebrate their hard work.

We also want to honor the tremendous efforts of our master’s degree graduates. We applaud our students for achieving their academic goals.

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Virtual Hooding Online Event

The hooding ceremony is an event that recognizes the significance of receiving a doctoral degree. It symbolizes the passing of the guard from one generation to the next generation. Candidates for the hooding ceremony will be full recipients of their doctorates at the graduation ceremonies. This celebration is in addition to the online graduation celebration by the Commencement Office.

The following students have earned their doctoral degrees in their major field of study and submitted their picture to be included herein. They are listed in alphabetical order.  Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments:

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Dr. Ali Hussain Alawi Dissertation: “Understanding the Lived Experiences of U.S. Trained Saudi Male-Scholars Returning to Teach in the Saudi Post-Secondary Education System” Major Professor: Dr. Katherine G. Hendrix

Dr. Rakib Al-Fahad Dissertation: “Multivariate Modeling of Cognitive Performance and Categorical Perception From Neuroimaging Data ” Major Professor: Dr. Mohammed Yeasin

Dr. David Frank Arena, Jr. Dissertation: “A Longitudinal Examination of the Identity Management Experiences of Bisexual Employees” Major Professor: Dr. Kristen P Jones

Dr. Angela S. Askew Dissertation: “United States Adolescent Health Literacy: Analysis of Health Literacy Development, Geographic Disparities, and Preventive Service Use Through Young Adulthood” Major Professor: Dr. SangNam Ahn

Dr. Roslyn E. Bacon Dissertation: “Administrators' Benevolent and Corrective Humor and the Suspension of African American School Age Females” Major Professor: Dr. Angiline Powell

Dr. Andrea Stark Bishop Dissertation: “In The Disruptions: How Undergraduate Writers Conceptualize Voice” Major Professor: Drs. Joseph G Jones and William E Duffy

Dr. Kendal L Booker Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation: “Self-Reactive Influences on Simulation Anxiety in Graduate Occupational Therapy Students” Advisor: Dr. Denise L Winsor

Dr. Amy S Burden Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation: “Gender Representation In American Made English Language Learning Textbooks: A Multi-Modal Study” Advisor: Dr. Emily A Thrush

Dr. Lauren Christine Bush - Doctor of Audiology - Major Professor: Dr. Deborah Moncrieff


Dr. Diego Calle Cadavid Dissertation: “Unique Maximal Ideal in the Algebra L ((∑ L_q)_c_0 ) With 1 < Q < ∞” Major Professor: Dr. Bentuo Zheng

Dr. Logan Renee Caldwell Dissertation: “Elementary Preservice Teachers Perceptions of Concept Mapping ” Major Professor: Dr. Clif Mims

Dr. Molly Elizabeth Campbell Dissertation: “Establishing Stimulus Control on Vocal Stereotypy in a Preschool Age Child: Reducing the Voice Level of Speech and Stereotypy while Monitoring the Collateral Effects ” Major Professor: Dr. Laura B Casey

Dr. Sarah Justine Frankel Major Professor: Dr. Jani Johnson

Dr. Dustin Fulton Dissertation: “Impact of the Geier Consent Decree: Medical School Admissions for African American Students” Major Professor: Dr. Donna J Menke

Dr. Steven Tramel Gaines Dissertation: “Rhetorical Leadership in Organizational Conflict and Change: Case Studies of Antiracist Preaching” Major Professor: Dr. Andre E. Johnson

Dr. Brian James Gerber Dissertation: “Using Transactional Distance Theory to Explore the Experiences of Community College Students in Online Developmental Courses ” Major Professor: Dr. Wendy Griswold

Dr. Jianning Huang Dissertation: “One Essay on Market Microstructure And Two Essays On Corporate Finance And Financial Institutions” Major Professor: Dr. Pankaj Jain

Dr. Maria del Socorro Hubbard Dissertation: “Women's Experiences with Leadership Development in an Outdoor-Based Experiential Training Program ” Major Professor: Dr.  Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw

Dr. Aaron David Joyal Dissertation: “Who Wants You To Say You’re Sorry?: The Moderating Effect Of Brand Response On The Relationship Between Customer Attachment Style And Reactions To Brand Transgressions” Major Professor: Dr. Daniel L Sherrell

Dr. Latwayla L. Knowlton Dissertation: “Examining Beliefs About the Use of Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices When Planning Literacy Instruction ” Major Professor: Dr. J. Helen Perkins

Dr. Miguel Alejandro Lesmes Dissertation: “Erwin Schulhoff (1894 - 1942): Life, Work, and Analysis of String Quartet No. 2 (WV 77) ” Major Professor: Dr. Kenneth Kreitner

Dr. Hatim Abdulhadi Masoudi Dissertation: “Saudi EFL Learners’ Knowledge and Use of English Prepositional Verbs in Academic Writing ” Major Professor: Dr. Teresa S Dalle

Dr. Valerie Frances McDaniel Dissertation: “Acoustic Interactions: Pitch Coordinator in Parent-Infant Interaction” Major Professor: Dr. Eugene Buder

Dr. Lorraine Ann Meiners-Lovel Dissertation: “How Preschool Teachers Use Book Sharing Strategies to Build Academic Language Skills” Major Professor: Dr. Emily A. Thrush

Dr. Ruqayyah Nasser Moafa Dissertation: “Investigating Interculturality of Saudi Students in the Us Academic Environment” Major Professor: Dr. Emily A Thrush

Dr. Silas K. Njoroge Dissertation: “Transactional Distance in Middle and High School Online Learning Environments: An Empirical Study” Major Professor: Dr. Craig E. Shepherd

Dr. Yunusa Olufadi Dissertation: “Approaches for Analyzing Multivariate Mixed Endpoints With High-Dimensional Covariates ” Major Professor: Dr. E. Olusegun George

Dr. Rebecca Roberts Quillivan Dissertation: “Just Culture In Healthcare Error Management: Nurse-in-training View of Just Culture and Outcomes of Event Involvement ” Major Professor: Dr. Frank Andrasik

Dr. Holliday Alison Ridge Dissertation: “Community College Debt Acquisition at Baccalaureate Degree” Major Professor: Dr. Yonghong Xu

Dr. Golnaz Sarram Dissertation: “Identifying a Customer Centered Approach for Urban Planning: Defining a Framework and Evaluating Potential In a Livability Context” Major Professor: Dr. Stephanie S. Ivey

Dr. Yao Shi Dissertation: “Value Estimation of Software Functional Test Cases ” Major Professor: Dr. Mark Gillenson

Dr. Shaneika Renee Smith Dissertation: “How does the Progressive Accountability Classroom Intervention Effect Discipline Outcomes in Urban Middle School Students?” Major Professor: Dr. Steve Zanskas

Dr. Jacqueline Susan Stephen Dissertation: “Examining a High-impact, First-semester Seminar Class on Online Undergraduate Student Self-regulation, Self-direction, Online Learning Self-efficacy, and Persistence” Major Professor: Dr. Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw

Dr. Hengjie Su Dissertation: “In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation and Mechanical Improvement of the Electrospun Chitosan Membrane ” Major Professor: Dr. Joel D. Bumgardner

Dr. Anecia J. Warren Dissertation: “Addressing Educational Information and Communication Technology Integration Barriers In 1:1 Schools” Major Professor: Dr. Craig E Shepherd

Dr. Dianna N. Watkins Dissertation: “‘Daring to be Herself’: Womanist Rhetorical Theory and Black Women’s Presidential Campaign Announcement Speeches” Major Professor: Dr. Andre E Johnson

Dr. Nicole D. West Dissertation: “A Look at Trauma through the Wires of Connection: A Study on the Empowered to Connect Parent Education Curriculum ” Major Professor: Dr. Steven L. West

Dr. Crystal LaShell White Dissertation: “Never Silence My Sexy: A Narrative Inquiry Study with Young Black Women Who Have Engaged in Sexy Selfies ” Major Professor: Dr. Denise L. Winsor

Dr. Jiang Zhang Dissertation: “Three Essays on Fairness, Liquidity, and Efficiency in Modern Financial Markets” Major Professor: Dr. Thomas McInish