Graduate School Forms

Check with your academic unit or college for additional forms they may require and their deadlines.





Domestic Application

At least 3-6 weeks before beginning of entering semester, check with department for specific deadline, if any

International Application

At least 4 months before beginning of entering semester—check with department for specific deadline, if any

Departmental Application

Check with department if one is required and when

Graduate Non-Degree Agreement

Must be filed by all non-degree students

Readmission Application

Before registration following any fall or spring semester not enrolled

Change of Status Form

To apply to a different program for a new major or from master’s to specialist or doctoral program


Nomination Form

See individual award announcements

Self-application Form

See individual award announcements


Late Drop/Withdrawal

See College Director of Graduate Studies

Grade Appeal

Within 20 class days (M-F) of start of semester immediately following term of grade


Credit by Exam/Validation

Access the electronic form here.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

By end of second semester of enrollment


Comprehensive Exam Results

Immediately after exam; check with department for dates offered

Master’s Candidacy Form

Before beginning work on thesis or by date on graduation calendar

Doctoral Candidacy Form

Submitted after comprehensive examination has been taken and passed

Certificate Program Candidacy Form

Submitted at beginning of last semester of coursework; check graduation calendar

Course Substitution Form

Attached to candidacy form


Faculty Advisory Committee

As soon as committee is formed

Proposal (Prospectus) Defense

Immediately upon approval

Human Subjects Approval

Before beginning any research; submit with proposal defense form


Immediately after scheduled defense


Apply to Graduate card

See graduation calendar in Bulletin or online

Candidacy Form

(See Candidacy Section above)

See graduation calendar in Bulletin or online if not writing thesis; otherwise submit before beginning thesis/dissertation

Cap and Gown Order Form

Submit online to Graduate School one month before graduation, see graduation calendar for deadline

Diploma Mailing Card

Submit online to Graduate School; check graduation calendar for deadline.