Department of Psychology

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains three levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, and (3) External.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one external graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.


FRANK ANDRASIK, Professor, PhD (1979), Ohio University [2028]

J. GAYLE BECK, Chair of Excellence, PhD (1984), State University of New York at Albany [2027]

KRISTOFFER S. BERLIN, Associate Professor, PhD (2007), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [2025]

JEFFREY S. BERMAN, Professor, PhD (1979), Harvard University [2026]

GARVIN BIDELMAN, Assistant Professor (2011), Purdue University [2021]

ROBERT COHEN, Professor, PhD (1975), Miami University [2025]

MELLONI NICOLE COOK, Associate Professor, PhD (1996), Pennsylvania State University [2027]

THOMAS K. FAGAN, Professor, PhD (1969), Kent State University [2024]

RANDY G. FLOYD, Professor, PhD (1999), Indiana State University [2028]

ARTHUR C. GRAESSER, Professor Emeritus, PhD (1977), The University of California at San Diego [2028]

TRACY N. HIPP, Assistant Professor, PhD (2016), Georgia State University [2024]

DAVID HOUSTON, Associate Professor, PhD (1989), Indiana University [2021]

KATHRYN HOWELL, Associate Professor, PhD (2011), University of Michigan [2025]

XIANGEN HU, Professor, PhD (1993), The University of California at Irvine [2028]

STEPHANIE HUETTE, Associate Professor, PhD (2013), University of California, Merced [2025]

ROGER J. KREUZ, Professor, PhD (1987), Princeton University [2028]

DERANDA LESTER, Research Assistant Professor, PhD (2011), University of Memphis [2025]

BROOK MARCKS, Clinical Assistant Professor, PhD (2007), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [2026]

MEGHAN E. McDEVITT-MURPHY, Professor, PhD (2004), Auburn University [2025]

ELIZABETH MEISINGER, Associate Professor, PhD (2007), University of Georgia [2028]

ANDREW W. MEYERS, Professor Emeritus, PhD (1974), The Pennsylvania State University [2028]

JAMES G. MURPHY, Assistant Professor, PhD (2003), Auburn University [2025]

ANDREW M. OLNEY, Professor, PhD (2006), University of Memphis [2025]

PHILIP I. PAVLIK, JR., Associate Professor, PhD (2005), Carnegie Mellon University [2030]

LESLIE A. ROBINSON, Professor, PhD (1990), Memphis State University [2025]

HELEN J. KACZMAREK SABLE, Associate Professor, PhD (2001), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [2028]

NICHOLAS SIMON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2010), Texas A&M University [2023]

JAMES P. WHELAN, Research Professor, PhD (1989), Memphis State University [2027]

JIAWEI ZHANG, Assistant Professor, PhD (2017), University of California Berkeley [2023]

DANIEL TAYLOR, Professor, PhD (2003), University of Memphis [2026]

ROBERT NEIMEYER, Professor, PhD (1982), University of Nebraska [2026]

IDIA BINITIE THURSTON, Professor, PhD (2010), University of South Florida [2027]

LORETTA N. MCGREGOR, Professor, PhD (2000), Wichita State University [2028]

ALEXANDREA GOLDEN, Assistant Professor, PhD (2019), University of South Carolina [2029]

SHELBI LAURA KUHLMANN, Assistant Professor (2020), University of Georgia [2030]


NEIL E. ARONOV, PhD (1977), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

TARA GALOVSKI, PhD (2001), Boston University School of Medicine

SCOTT HINZE, PhD (2010), University of Illinois at Chicago

JAMES HOFFMAN, PharmD (2001), Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Science in Philadelphia

MINDY E. KRONENBERG, PhD (2003), University of Memphis

ERICA LAFORTE, PhD (2014), University of Illinois, Chicago 

BRENT MORGAN, PhD (2014), University of Memphis

MATTHEW REYNOLDS, PhD (2008), University of Texas, Austin

JOHN WHITWORTH, M.D. (1998), University of Tennessee Health Science Center

THERESA MONTGOMERY OKWUMABUA, PhD (1982) The University of Memphis

AMY MURRELL, PhD (2005) University of Mississippi

GINA CAUCCI, PhD (2011) University of Memphis

MOLLIE ANDERSON, PhD (2016) University of Memphis

AMANDA BANKER, MS (2005) University of Memphis

SARA IRBY, PhD, (2014) Univeristy of Memphis 

FRANCISCO SALGADO GARCIA, PhD (2017) University of Memphis

RORY A PFUND, PhD (2020), University of Memphis 

RACHEL L. ANKNEY, PhD (2021), University of Memphis


PIA BANERJEE, PhD (2013), Washington University [2020]

CRAIG J. BRYAN, Psy. D (2006), Baylor University [2019]

ELVIN BURTON, PhD (2011), Purdue University [2025]

JOSHUA CLAPP, PhD (2012), University of Buffalo, SUNY [2025]

VALERIE CRABTREE, PhD (2001), University of Southern Mississippi [2021]

SCOTTY CRAIG, PhD (2005), University of Memphis [2020]

GARY S. DEL CONTE, Psy.D (1982) Hahnemann Medical College [2022]

ALICIA DIAZ-THOMAS, MD (1997), Tulane School of Medicine [2019]

ANGELICA EDDINGTON, PhD (2012), Oklahoma State University [2023]

ROBERT FERRY, JR., MD (1994), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio [2022]

CYNTHIA GERHARDT, PhD (1997), University of Vermont [2022]

KEVIN GIBSON, DPT (2009), Virginia Commonwealth University [2021]

MEREDITH GINLEY, PhD (2016), The University of Memphis [2026]

DEMOND M. GRANT, PhD (2008), SUNY University at Buffalo [2019]

PAUL C. GREEN, PhD (1970), The University of Memphis [2020]

ATIA JORDAN HARRIS, MD (2009), Vanderbilt University School of Medicine [2021]

JERILYN HAYWARD, PhD (1993), University of Akron [2021]

LISA M. JACOLA, PhD (2012), University of Cincinnati [2021]

CAROLANNE KARDASH, PhD (1985), Arizona State University [2021]

JOHN KALTNER, PhD (1993), Drew University [2021]

CHERI A. LEVINSON, PhD (2015), Washington University in St. Louis [2022]

LAURA MILLER-GRAFF, PhD (2013), University of Michigan [2024]

KATHERINE V. MORRIS, PhD (2008), University of Memphis [2022]

LAURA MURPHY,  Professor, EdD (1985), University of Memphis [2022]

RACHEL WAMSER NANNEY, Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), University of Missouri St. Louis [2022]

JEFFREY J. SABLE, PhD (2003), University of Missouri, Columbia [2024]

RODNEY VOGL, PhD (1999), Kansas State University [2020]

VICTORIA W. WILLARD, PhD (2011), Duke University [2020]

EDWARD WISE, PhD (1980), University of Wyoming [2020]

EVGENIA (JANE) MILMAN, PhD (2018), McGill University [2022]

MELISSA LITTLE, MPH, PhD (2012), University of Southern California [2023]

XU JIANG (Lilya), PhD (2015), University of South Carolina [2024]

JASON BRAASCH, PhD (2009), University of Illinois at Chicago [2024]

GUSTAF OQVIST SEIMYR, PhD (2012), Uppsala University [2024]

CHRISTOPHER FERAND, Psy.D (2015), Forrest Institute of Technology [2024]

MATT WOODWARD, PhD (2017), University of Memphis [2024]

BRYN HARRIS, PhD (2008), Indiana University [2024]

ROBERT DVORAK, PhD (2012), The University of South Dakota [2024] 

ERIN CALIPARI, PhD (2013), Wake Forrest School of Medicine [2024]

RACHEL TILLERY WEBSTER, PhD (2016), University of Memphis [2025]

ANNETTE MAHONEY, PhD (1994), University of Houston [2025]

BRANDON BAUGHMAN, PhD (2008), University of Tulsa [2008]

SCOTT GRAVES, PhD (2006), University of Kentucky [2025]

JERLYM S. PORTER, PhD (2008), Virginia Commonwealth University [2025]

MARYELLEN MCCLAIN, PhD (2015), Indiana University [2025]

MELISSA POLUSNY, PhD (1998), University of Nevada Reno [2026]

PAULO F. CARVALHO, PhD (2016), Indiana University [2026]

KATHRYN SUMPTER, MD (2003), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center [2026]

KATIE EDWARDS, PhD (2011), University of Nebraska-Lincoln [2027]

DIANA RANCOURT, PhD (2012), University of North Carolina Chapel Hill [2027]

JERICA KNOX, PhD (2022), North Carolina State University  [2027]

 NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.