Department of Biomedical Engineering

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains three levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, and (3) External.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one external graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.


GARY BOWLIN, Professor, PhD (1996), University of Akron [2028]

JOEL BUMGARDNER, Professor, PhD (1994), The University of Alabama at Birmingham [2025]

AMY L. DE JONGH CURRY, Associate Professor, PhD (1997), The University of Memphis [2025]

DENIS DIANGELO, Professor, PhD (1993), McMaster University [2029]

WEIKUAN GU, Professor, PhD (1994), Cornell University [2028]

KAREN HASTY, Professor, PhD (1991), The University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2028]

JESSICA AMBER JENNINGS, PhD (2007), University of Alabama, Birmingham [2028]

ERNO LINDNER, Professor, PhD (1985), Technical University of Budapest [2026]

WILLIAM MIHALKO, Professor, PhD (1993), Virginia Commonwealth University [2028]

KAUSHIK PARTHASARATHI, PhD (1999), Pennsylvania State University [2028]

BRADFORD PENDLEY, Professor, PhD, MD (1992, 2007) Cornell University (PhD) UT Health Science Center (MD) [2025]

AARYANI SAJJA, Assistant Professor, PhD (2017), University of Memphis [2028]

RICHARD SMITH, PhD (1997) University of Memphis [2026]

JOHN LEICESTER WILLIAMS, Professor, PhD (1981), Northwestern University [2027]

CARL HERICKHOFF, Assistant Professor, PhD (2011), Duke University [2028]

HONGSIK CHO, PhD (2003), Ajou University, Korea [2024]



DEEPIKA KONAKANCHI, Associate, PhD (2014), University of Memphis

DAVID FITCH, PhD (2010), The University of Memphis  

JACOB OGUNLADE, PhD (2009), Walden University 

ESRA ROAN, Assistant Professor, PhD (2007), University of Cincinnati

ISAAC RODRIGUEZ, PhD (2013), Virginia Commonwealth University  


FRANKLIN GARCIA-GODOY, DDS (1976), Autonomous University, Santo Domingo [2026]

WARREN O. HAGGARD, PhD (1994), The University of Alabama at Birmingham [2026]

CLAUDIA M. HILLENBRAND, PhD (2000), University of Wurzburg [Germany] [2025]

BRENT HOFFMEISTER, PhD (1995), Washington University [2025]

ANASTASIOS KARYDIS, PhD (2009), University of California, San Francisco [2025] 

CARA E. MORIN, PhD (2009), University of Maryland School of Medicine [2025]

MARK L. MORRISON, PhD (2005), University of Tennessee [2026]

JERALD REDMOND, PhD (2007), Carnegie Mellon University [2029]

JUDITH SOBERMAN, MD (1982), University of Pittsburgh [2024]

SIDNEY H. STEIN, PhD (1992), University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry [2026]

RICHARD W. TREHARNE, PhD (1976), The University of Pennsylvania [2029]

HAI H. TRIEU, PhD (1995), Case Western Reserve University [2026]

JOLIEKE G. VAN OOSTERWIJK, PhD (2013), Leiden University Medical Center [2029]

ANN M. VIANO, PhD (1996), Washington University [2026]

ROBERT S. WATERS, PhD (1978), University of Connecticut [2022]

SIAMAK YOUSEFI, PhD (2012), University of Texas at Dallas [2022]

EUGENE C. ECKSTEIN, Professor Emeritus, PhD (1975), Massachusetts Institute of Technology [2025]

FERNANDA DELBUQUE GUERRA, Post Doctoral Researcher, PhD (2017), Clemson University [2026]

MARK ANDERSON, DDS (1989), University of Tennessee College of Dentistry [2029]

MARKO RADIC, PhD (1987), University of California at Irvine [2026]

AMOL JANORKAR, PhD (2005), Clemson University [2026]

JOHN JOSEPH BISSLER, MD (1985), Northeastern Ohio University [2024]

ZACHARY ABRAMSON, MD (2014), University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2025]

PUNEET BAGGA, PhD (2014), Jawaharlal Nehru University, India [2025]

PENNY A. ASBELL, MD (1975), SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY [2025]

RANGANATHA SITARAM, PhD (2008), University of Tuebingen, Germany [2025]

WILBURN EUGENE REDDICK, PhD (1991), University of Memphis [2025]

TRAVIS BAILEY, PhD (2005), University of Minnesota [2025]

BARRY DALE, DPT (2009), University of Chattanooga, PhD (2002) Universtiy of Alabama [2026]

VIDA ABEDI, PhD (2013), University of Memphis [2027]

NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets for Full and External only.