Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains three levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, and (3) External.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one external graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.


SUMANTA ACHARYA, Professor, PhD (1982), University of Minnesota [2020]

EBRAHIM ASADI,  Assistant Professor, PhD (2011) Mississippi State University [2021]

ALI FATEMI, Professor, PhD (1985), University of Iowa [2024]

DANIEL FOTI, Assistant Professor, PhD (2016), University of Minnesota[ 2025]

RANGANATHAN GOPALAKRISHNAN, PhD (2013), University of Minnesota [2024]

AMIR HADADZADEH, PhD (2013), University of Waterloo [2025]

JOHN HOCHSTEIN, Professor, PhD (1984), The University of Akron [2020]

WILLIAM S. JANNA, Professor,PhD (1976), University of Toledo [2020]

GLADIUS LEWIS, Professor, PhD (1976), University of Nottingham, England [2025]

HSIANG HSI LIN, Professor, PhD (1985), The University of Cincinnati [2020]

JEFFREY G. MARCHETTA, Associate Professor, PhD (2002), The University of Memphis [2023]

GARY QI, Assistant Professor, PhD (1996), Texas Tech University [2019]

JIADA MO, Associate Professor, PhD (1989), The University of Tennessee, Knoxville [2020]

TEONG TAN, Associate Professor, PhD (1984) Iowa State University [2024]

STEVEN F. WAYNE, PhD (1984), University of Connecticut [2024]

ALEXANDER JOHN HEADLEY, Assistant Professor, PhD (2016) University of Texas at Austin [2026]

REZA MOLAEI, Assistant Professor, PhD (2019) University of Memphis [2027]


NIMA SHAMSAEI, PhD (2010), University of Toledo


JOHN C. BLANTON, PhD (1981), Virginia Tech [2021]

JASON CARROLL, PhD (2012), University of Michigan [2022]

GORDON HUNTER, PhD (1984), Massachusetts Institute of Technology [2015]

SI JANNA, PhD (2003), University of Memphis [2019]

HAI TRIEU, PhD (1995), Case Western Reserve University [2020]

DANIJELA ROSTOHAR, PhD (University of Stockholm, Sweden [2023]

 NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.