Department of Management

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains three levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, and (3) External.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one external graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.


BARBARA D. DAVIS, Associate Professor, EdD (1990), Memphis State University [2021]

FRANCES H. FABIAN, Associate Professor, PhD (1997), University of Texas-Austin [2020]

KRISTEN P. JONES, Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), George Mason University [2022]

CHARLES A. PIERCE, Professor, PhD (1995) State University of New York at Albany [2022]

KURT KRAIGER, Professor, PhD (1983) The Ohio State University [2025}


JESSICA KIRK, Assistant Professor, PhD (2019), University of Colorado- Boulder [2025]

KELLY ANNE MOLLICA, Instructor, PhD (1997), Pennsylvania State University [2020]

CAITLIN PORTER, Assistant Professor, PhD (2016), Purdue University [2025]

ENRICA RUGGS,Assistant Professor,  PhD (2013), Rice University [2025]

ROBERT R. WIGGINS, Associate Professor, PhD (1995), The University of Texas-Austin [2020]

ALEX LINDSEY, Assistant Professor, PhD (2016), George Mason University [2026]


MADAN BIRLA, MS (1982), University of Memphis [2022]

VANCE GOUGH, EdD (2016), The University of Calgary [2022]

SEUNG HYUN LEE, PhD (2002) The Ohio State University [2022]

SANDEFORD SCHAEFFER, EdD (2002), University of Memphis [2021]


 NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.

*Adjunct teaching only status no longer requires the submission of the Graduate Faculty Status application.*