School of Public Health

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains three levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, and (3) External.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one external graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.


DEBRA BARTELLI, Research Associate Professor, DrPH (2001), Columbia University [2029]

CHUNRONG JIA, Associate Professor, PhD (2007), The University of Michigan [2029]

YU JIANG, Assistant Professor, PhD (2014), University of Kansas Medical Center [2029]

WILFRIED KARMAUS, Professor, MD (1994), University of Hamburg [2024]

SATISH KEDIA, Professor, PhD (1997), The University of Kentucky [2029]

MARIAN LEVY, Professor, DrPH (1994), University of California-Los Angeles [2025]

COURTNEE MELTON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2025]

XICHEN MOU, Assistant Professor, PhD (2019), University of South Carolina [2025]

FAWAZ MZAYEK, Associate Professor, PhD (2005), Tulane University [2029]

LATRICE PICHON, Professor, PhD (2008), San Diego University [2029]

MEREDITH RAY, Associate Professor, PhD (2014), University of South Carolina [2029]

MATTHEW SMELTZER, Associate Professor, PhD (2014), The University of Memphis [2029]

XINHUA YU, Associate Professor, PhD (2003), University of Minnesota [2025]

HONGMEI ZHANG, Professor, PhD (2003), Iowa State University [2025]

YONG YANG, Assistant Professor, PhD (2007), University of Southampton, UK [2021]

WEI LYU, Assistant Professor, PhD (2020), University of Iowa [2026]

ARI VANDERWALDE, Professor, MD, MPH (2005), University of Pennsylvania, Harvard School of Public Health [2027]

AXEL GROTHEY, Professor, MD, (1987), Ruhr-Universitat Bochum Medical School Germany [2027]

ADAM EINAGGAR, MD, (2009), Indiana University School of Medicine [2027]

MICHAEL MARTIN, MD, (2003), The University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2027]

SHAFI U. BHUIYAN, Associate Professor, PhD (2005), Osaka University, Japan [2030]

ABU MOHAMMED NASER TITU, Assistant Professor, PhD (2018), Emory University [2030]

RAJESH TIRPAUL MELARAM, Assistant Professor, PhD (2020), Walden University [2030]


ALEXANDER M. CARNALL, Instructor, MS (2019), University of Memphis 

STEWART DISMUKE, Visiting Professor, MD (1971), University of Tennessee 

MICHAEL SCHMIDT, PhD (2019), University of Memphis 

LAWRENCE J.SMITH, JD (1993), University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphrey's School of Law 

PEDRO A. VELASQUEZ-MIEYER, MD (1983), Universidad Central De Venezuela School of Medicine 

LAKISHA BAH-STEWART, MS (2012), Devry University 

KENNETH WARD, PhD (1998), University of Memphis 

JOHN LYNN JEFFERIES, MD (1996), University of Tennessee

ONOJA MATTHEW AKPA, PhD (2009), University of Ilorin, Nigeria 


SYED ARSHAD, DM (1993), University of Southampton [2026]

DANIEL  CLARK, MHA (2009),  University of Memphis [2026]

KAREN DEREFINKO, PhD (2010), University of Kentucky [2026]

JEREMIE HEATH ESTEPP, PhD (2006),  Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine [2026]

ISRAEL FERNANDEZ-PINEDA, MD (2002), Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain [2026]

CORI GRANT, PhD (2017), University of Memphis [2026]

JANE HANKINS, MD (1993), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) [2026]

CHARLES H. HENNESY, MBA (1996), Christian Brothers University [2026]

JOHN W. HOLLOWAY, PhD (1998), University of Otago, New Zealand  [2026]

RYAN JENKINS, MS (2007), University of Memphis [2026]

WENDY LIKES, PhD (2009), University of Tennessee [2026]

KRISTEN NESS, PhD (2004), University of Minnesota [2026]

ROHIT OJHA, DrPH (2010), University of North Texas Health Science Center [2026]

JOHN PANETTA, PhD (1995), Old Dominion University [2026]

JILL ELIZABETH POWELSON, DrPH (2018), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill [2026}

JESSIE L. TUCKER III, PhD (1998), University of Alabama at Birmingham [2026]

WILLIAM TUTTLE, MHA (1982), Washington University, St. Louis [2026]

JULIE WANG, PhD (1995), University of London, United Kingdom [2026]

RENEE WILSON-SIMMONS, DrPH (2002) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [2026]

HEATHER BRANDT, PhD (2003) University of South Carolina [2026]

INDRANILL BASU RAY, MD (1993) Motilal Nehru Medical College, University of Allahabad India [2026]

BROOK HARMON, PhD (2012) University of South Carolina, [2026]

ALI ZIYAB, Associate Professor, PhD (2014), University of South Carolina [2026]

JONATHAN LEWIS, DMin, (2020), Memphis Theological Seminary [2024]

CARDELLA L. LEAK, PhD, (2019), The University of Memphis [2027]

MICHAEL WIGGINS, PhD, (2021), Liberty University [2024]

KRIS SANDERS, MHA, (2001), University of Memphis [2024]

BRADLEY G. SOMER, MD, (1996), Albert Einstein College of Medicine [2024]

SHENGTONG HAN, PhD, (2012), The Chinese University of Hong Kong [2024]

HAITAO PAN, PhD, (2017), The University of Texas Health Science Center MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Texas [2025]

YU-SHENG LEE, PhD (2019), University of Memphis [2025]

SU CHEN, PhD (2013), Oklahoma State University [2025]

ARAM DOBALIAN, PhD (2001), University of California at Los Angeles [2025]

ARTHUR DANIEL JONES, PhD (1984), The Pennsylvania State University [2025]

LI TANG, PhD (2012), Emory University [2026]

JASON ROBERT HODGES, PhD (2016), University of Memphis [2026]

VIKKI G. NOLAN, DSc (2009), Boston University School of Public Health [2027]

JENNIFER ANN TURCHI, Assistant Professor, PhD (2014), University of Iowa [2027]

HUI ZHANG, PhD (2010), University of Rochester, Rochester New York [2027]

MARIO SIMS, PhD (1997), University of Wisconsin-Madison [2027]



NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets for Full and External only.