Emergency Care

University Campus Police  - 901.678.4357 (HELP)

In the event of injury or emergency occurring in the classroom or on campus please call Campus Police. Be prepared to give your name, your exact location, and the nature of the injury or illness. Campus Police will respond to the scene and evaluate whether the patient needs to be transported by ambulance to an emergency facility, or referred to Student Health Center.

After Hours Emergencies

When Student Health Center is not open, help for emergency medical conditions will be coordinated by the University Campus Police at 901.678.4357. The patient may be transferred to a local medical facility, if conditions warrant. The patient will be responsible for the cost of transfer and care at that facility.

After Hours Health Care and Information

When Health Services is closed, local hospital emergency rooms and some walk-in centers are available.  View our list of available community and walk-in clinics.