Policy on Class/Work Excuses and Visit Verification

Thank you for your interest in the class/work excuse and visit verification policy. The Student Health Center is not able to provide medical documentation of illnesses or class/work excuses. We are able to offer our students the option to request a verification of their visit to the Student Health Center. We encourage students to make mature decisions when they are too ill to attend class.

  1. The Verification of Visit form must be requested by the student on the day the student visits the health center. Retroactive requests for verification of a visit will not be honored.

  2. The Verification of Visit form will only list one visit date. Multiple days will not be listed on one form. If a student makes multiple visits, the student must request visit verification for each visit at the time of each visit.

It is not mandatory for an instructor/professor to accept a Verification of Visit form. All decisions regarding the acceptance of the Verification of Visit form rest with the instructor/professor.