Improving Human Performance through Applied Science


The Human Performance Center completes practical science projects to answer applied questions and challenges posed by our partners. While our main role is completing applied sport science research with our Memphis Tigers Athletics coaches and trainers, we also partner with teams, schools and corporate partners to solve their applied human performance challenges. We pride ourselves on the practical outcomes of the center, which is focused on improving human performance and performance health. The Center remains focused on the questions posed by our Tigers Athletics coaches and trainers and the performance challenges they identify. With both Tigers Athletics and our partners, we produce individualized scientific solutions to impact performance.

With a focus on performance, our collaborative relationship with coaches and trainers is critical, as this is the space within which they operate. The strength of the Center is the scientific background of the variety of highly credentialed scientists involved, which when combined with the experiential knowledge of practitioners, becomes a unique resource to the University of Memphis.

Human Performance Center

Athlete Screening - Detailed physical tests to measure existing injury risk factors
Sports Nutrition - Education of athletes on fueling for health and performance
Athletic Capacity - Sport specific physical fitness, highlighting volume and intensity of training relevant to performance
Skill Improvement - Understanding and improving sport specific technical aspects
Athlete Rehabilitation Support -  Applying scientific method and measurement to rehabilitating injured athletes