Meet Our Team

Punctuated by multiple PhD’s, the scientific knowledge of staff of the Human Performance Center is elite. Each member of the team is a specialist in their field, which when combined creates a multi-disciplinary team capable of addressing applied sport challenges with practical outcomes.

Max Paquette, PhD | Biomechanist                                                                                 Dr. Max Paquette


Rick Bloomer



Rick Bloomer, PhD | Center Oversight and Evaluation





Douglas Powell, PhD | Sports Biomechanist & Conditioning Specialist  Dr. Doug Powell



 Mary Catherine Schallert in a circular frame  Mary Catherine Schallert, MS | Clinical Associate Professor




  Matt Butawan | Center Manager                                                                                   Photo of Matt Butawan

Graduate Students

Tayler Vickery

Megan Briley


Undergraduate Students

Quvilo Sherrod

Kelsey Neithamer

Ericson Galinato