Tigers on the Move

A University of Memphis and Church Health initiative to shape healthy behaviors and achieve equity through activity.

Given the high percentage of obesity in our community, this project in collaboration with Church Health provides critical opportunities for our faculty and students to connect and engage with members of our community in an effort to increase healthy behaviors and physical activity levels.

‘Tigers on the Move’ is a shared and social experience offering leadership and motivation, to encourage physical activity and build a PROACTIVE approach to health and wellness, sharing POSITIVE reasons to get moving. A focus is placed on college-aged individuals who have the power to share the message to peers, siblings and young families for long-term social impact.

With support from University President, Dr. David Rudd, we were recent finalists in the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities 2021 pitch competition for innovative projects centered around “Improving Health Literacy for Equitable Outcomes.”

“While we are committed to improving the quality of life of the citizens in our community, this initiative also demonstrates the fulfillment of specific institutional values including community collaboration as a vehicle to solving problems; innovation and service; and diversity and inclusion," said Rudd.

The City of Memphis needs your help

Tennessee rates as the sixth highest state for adult obesity in the U.S*. Shelby County has a 35 percent rate of obesity** (Tennessee has a 33 percent rate of obesity). In Shelby County, seven of 10 individuals are overweight and one of three individuals have developed diabetes.

We are seeking financial support to fund initial education content and community movement classes. This support and content will validate the concept to leverage funding from external sources.

If you would like to donate, please follow the link below, choose ‘Human Performance Center’ and type ‘Tigers on the Move’ in the special instructions section.



*Health Promotion, 2019, **The City of Memphis

Fixing the Messenger, not the Message: The University of Memphis, Church Health and Tigers Athletics

In America we chase the dream that anything is possible, that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, that success is there for those that work hard, if we just have the bravery to reach out and take it... but it isn’t that simple, is it? In under-serviced communities, without guidance, education, support, and a dash of intervention our chance to reach the best version of ourselves gradually decreases.