Memphis Tigers Volleyball


Nutrition Education to Improve Jump Height

Tiger Bites Nutrition Program with Memphis Volleyball

Learning to eat, cook, and understand food to prepare for training and recover like champions

The Tiger Bites program represents a combined effort between the HPC and Tigers Athletics to provide nutrition support to Tigers athletes. With an awareness of the lack of nutrition understanding and eating practices amongst the team, the coach and team participated in a 6-part group cooking experience lead by the nutrition experts of the HPC. Diet and food knowledge in addition to performance variables - maximum jump height, maintenance of jump height, volleyball agility, and team dynamics - were all tracked to measure the impact of the project.

Daniel Greenwood, along with College of Health Sciences dietetics director Mary Catherine Schallert and University of Memphis Campus Recreation nutrition coordinator Deidra Nelson, joined forces with Tiger Volleyball to show how good nutrition not only could be fun, but also how it could literally affect the student-athletes' on-the-court performance. 

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