Career Milestone Recipients - 2022

Years of Service Recipient
Sixty Years of Service

Charles Crawford, History

Forty Years of Service

Steven Griffin, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kenneth Lambert, School of Accountancy
Elizabeth Ramage, Admissions
Catherine Swearengen, University Libraries

Thirty-Five Years of Service

James Bollwerk, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Colis Chambers, Financial Planning
Lorie Hutson, Academic Counseling
Anita Lenhart, Theatre & Dance
Gladius Lewis, Mechanical Engineering
Larry Moore, School of Accountancy
Albert Okunade, Economics
Ceecy Reed, Office for Institutional Equity
Robert Smalley, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Thirty Years of Service

David Arant, Journalism and Strategic Media
Dionysia Bacopulos, Mathematics
Raymond Camplin, Campus Planning & Design
Robert Foster, Physical Plant
Donna Harkness, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Kamran Ince, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Stephanie Johnson, Academic Counseling
Candace Justice, Journalism and Strategic Media
Owen Lightsey, Counseling Education Psychology & Research
Jeremy Powell, Physical Plant
Eleanor Wade, Biology
Steven Whistler, Campus Recreation
Delaine Wilson, University Libraries

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Pilar Alcalde, World Languages and Literatures
Wendy Brown, Physical Plant
Jeffrey Clayton, Information Technology Services
Dipankar Dasgupta, Computer Science
John Gilmore, Anthropology
Mark Green, Financial Aid
Deanna McMillian, School of Public Health
Michael Means, Police Services
Karen Parker, Parking and Transportation Services
Marion Powless, Psychology
Sri Prahalathan, Information Technology Services
Willis Robinson, Physical Plant
Terra Smith, College of Health Sciences
Wesley Wheeler, Information Technology Services
Mitchell Withers, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Twenty Years of Service

Manohar Aggarwal, Mathematics
Jessyka Allyn, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Celia Anderson, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Jennifer Austin, Physical Plant
Mervin Bartholomew, Earth Sciences
Karen Bell, Information Technology Services
Ross Bridgeford, Information Technology Services
Natalie Butler, Grants and Contracts Accounting
Gloria Carr, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Lucas Charles, Art
Jeffrey Clements, Physical Plant
Leroy Conway, University Center
Thomas Davis, Physical Plant
Michelle Dry, University Libraries
Gary Emmert, Chemistry
Mark Farrar, Information Technology Services
Jonathan Frazer, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
David Freeman, Biology
Andre Fuller, Police Services
Cosetta Gaudenzi, World Languages and Literatures
Gary Golightly, Art
Rika Hudson, College of Arts and Sciences
Carolyn Hull-Toye, Information Technology Services
Pankaj Jain, Finance Insurance & Real Estate
Tony Johnson, Housing & Residence Life
Barbara Jones, Physical Plant
Heidi Kendall, Financial Planning
Mohamed Laradji, Physics and Materials Science
Christina Magueyal, Information Technology Services
Melba Malone, Admissions
Jeffrey Marchetta, Mechanical Engineering
Richard Mayfield, Theatre & Dance
Christine McDonald, Information Technology Services
Trellis Morgan, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Melanie Murry, University Counsel
David Oller, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Joshua Phillips, English
Roselle Revelle, Helen Hardin Honors College
Henry Robbins, University & Student Business Services
Aaron Robinson, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kevin Robinson, Athletics
Sandeford Schaeffer, Business Information and Technology
Rebecca Scott, Elementary School Campus
Sajjan Shiva, Computer Science
Annetta Suggs, Physical Plant
Revon Thaxter, Financial Aid
Barbara Thomas, University Libraries
Lisa Threadgill, Crews Ventures Lab
Deborah Tollefsen, Philosophy
Stormey Warren, College of Education
Robert Wiggins, Management
Linda Williams, Physical Plant
John Yorke, Theatre & Dance

Fifteen Years of Service

Anne Ballam, Architecture
Randall Bayer, Biology
Adoracion Berry, World Languages and Literatures
Carlos Bolton, English
Tiphany Booker-Robertson, Athletic Academic Services
Erica Boyce, Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Management
Jessica Bromwell, Registrar Office
Keri Brondo, Anthropology
Terrence Bronson-Ghadelene, Physical Plant
Sarah Brown, Theatre & Dance
Alicia Buford, Information Technology Services
Jeffrey Byford, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Cheri Chadwick, International Student Services
Michael Cochran, Conference and Event Services
Amelia Cole, Campus Planning & Design
Tracy Collins, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Chris Cramer, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Tony Evans, Physical Plant
Robert Frans, Police Services
Tomoko Fujiwara, Chemistry
Denis Grele, World Languages and Literatures
Rajiv Grover, Marketing Supply Management
Carol Irwin, College of Health Sciences
Jessica Jennings, Biomedical Engineering
Latica Jones, College of Arts and Sciences
Amanda Lambert-Pennington, School of Urban Affairs
Elizabeth Loe, Herff College of Engineering
Richard Lou, Art
Kriangsiri Malasri, Computer Science
Scott Marler, History
Elizabeth Meisinger, Psychology
Carey Mickalites, English
Kelly Mollica, Management
Lakesha Moore, Graduate Programs
Kendra Murphy, Sociology
Courtney Orians, Admissions
April Parker, Law Library
Randy Phillips, Police Services
Heike Polster, World Languages and Literatures
Kevin Richmond, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Martha Robinson, Management
Zaciquita Robinson, Financial Aid
Timothy Ryan, Sports and Leisure Commerce
Firouzeh Sabri, Physics and Materials Science
Timetria Saulsberry-Scarboro, Research & Innovation
Leila Schroeder, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Ryan Seidner, Physical Plant
William Sugg, Information Technology Services
Kevin Sutfin, Information Technology Services
Lisa Tate, Physical Plant
Nikki Tate, Mail Services
Melissa Traynom, Financial Aid
Daniel Vacanti, Office of University Advancement
James Wilks, Physical Plant
Meri Williams, Information Technology Services
Jake Wilson, Physical Plant
Alistair Windsor, Mathematics
Stephen Zanskas, College of Education
Lan Zhang, World Languages and Literatures
Todd Zoblotsky, Center for Research in Educational Policy

Ten Years of Service

Adel Abdelnaby, Civil Engineering
William Alexander, Chemistry
Carmen Astorne, Economics
Nancy Bennett, UofM Global
Brennan Berg, Sports and Leisure Commerce
Kristoffer Berlin, Psychology
Gavin Bidelman, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Steven Booth, Office of University Advancement
Dwight Boyd, Athletics
Frances Breland, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Latisha Brooks, Financial Aid
Dorian Burnette, Earth Sciences
Bert Burraston, Criminal Justice
Marina Carrier, External Relations
Cristina Cervone, English
Ann Childs, Lambuth
Hoi Sing Chung, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Orrin Cooper, Marketing Supply Management
Shelly Counsell, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Fredrika Cowley, CARES
Sheron Davenport, Student Success Programs
Kristil Davis, Human Resources
Russell Deaton, Herff College of Engineering
Christine Eisel, History
Susan Elswick, Social Work
Dawn Englert, Mathematics
Ronald Fuentes, English
Jill Green, University Libraries
Charisse Gulosino, Leadership
Sara Hagan, Information Technology Services
Alison Happel-Parkins, Counseling Education Psychology & Research
Teri Hayslett, Journalism and Strategic Media
Rebecca Horowitz, School of Urban Affairs
Michael Howell-Moroney, Public Administration
John Hudgens, Police Services
Michael Hutchinson, Sports and Leisure Commerce
Robyn Jones, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Shanika Jones, University Libraries
Lauren Kane, Physical Plant
Keri Kerr, Registrar Office
Bambi Lange, Police Services
Todd Layne, College of Health Sciences
Joonhyung Lee, Economics
Rhonda Litano, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Jennifer Loftus, Sociology
Nancy Manning, Admissions
Annapoorna Mary, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Benjamin McCarty, Mathematics
Alena McKinnon, Information Technology Services
George Megelsh, Criminal Justice
Lorraine Meiners-Lovel, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Thomas Miller, Parking and Transportation Services
Tina Moore, Physical Plant
Renee Morris, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Christina Moss, Communication and Film
Joshua Oladele, Mathematics
Radesh Palakurthi, Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Management
Maxime Paquette, College of Health Sciences
Dursun Peksen, Political Science
Felio Perez, Integrated Microscopy Center
Meghan Pfeiffer, CARES
Matthew Rhodes, Financial Aid
Patricia Robinson, Housing & Residence Life
Kimberly Rogers, Herff College of Engineering
Stephanie Rolen, Law Library
Diana Ruggiero, World Languages and Literatures
Gina Savell, Physical Plant
Scott Schoefernacker, CAESER
Nakiesha Shepherd, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Kristian Skjervold, Information Technology Services
Stacey Smith, Intensive English for Internationals
Terrell Stanford-Bush, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Brian Stone, Information Technology Services
Anna Swearengen, University Libraries
Georgia Taylor, Physical Plant
Jennifer Thompson, Architecture
Terrence Tucker, English
Darrell Turner, Athletics
James Vickers, Police Services
Elizabeth Weston, English
Brandon Williams, Information Technology Services
Dale Williams, Academic Counseling
Chaquieta Williamson, Psychology
Lisa Winborn, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Hongbo Zhang, School of Accountancy

Five Years of Service*

Aprille Abston-Turns, Health Center
Janet Addison, Physical Plant
Kathy Archie, Accounting Office
Dionne Ballinger, Admissions
Beverly Barker, Registrar Office
Jonathan Bennett, Center for Community Research and Evaluation
Christopher Bourque, Veterans and Military Services
Dorothy Bowers, Physical Plant
Margaret Bowers, Financial Aid
Joe Brandenburg, Office of University Advancement
Toni Briley, UofM Global
Barbara Brooks, Accounting Office
Anthony Brown, Physical Plant
Kesha Carrick, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Qianyi Cheng, Chemistry
Micheal Clinton, College of Health Sciences
Mary Cole, Office of University Advancement
Merlina Conley, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Shelby Cook, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Catrina Copeland, Registrar Office
RayShauna Davis, Student Academic Success
Brian Deal, Admissions
Kimberly DeCrow, University of Memphis Foundation
Todd Deese, Graduate Programs
Gerald Earnest, Physical Plant
Lisa Elliott, Physical Plant
Valesisa Evans, Physical Plant
Emmon Fitchpatrick, Police Services
Sharon Gale, Physical Plant
Charles Gallina, External Relations
Chasity Harris, University Libraries
Earnestine Harris, Housing & Residence Life
Richard Henard, Physical Plant
Kelly Hooks, External Relations
Jessica Howell, Financial Aid
Clarice Hunt, Office of University Advancement
Felecia Hurt-Wallace, Physical Plant
Angela Johnson, College of Health Sciences
Jeffery Jones, Registrar Office
Victoria Jones, Counseling Center
Tiffany Jordan, Admissions
Allison Lay, Financial Aid
Dylan Lewis, Physical Plant
Andrew Linn, Financial Aid
Carol Mahalitc, College of Health Sciences
Darya Maksimova, Accounting Office
Elizabeth McGoldrick, Physical Plant
Pamela Mori, Office of University Advancement
Shaketa Murphy, Housing & Residence Life
Tiffany Murphy, Student Housing Complex
George Ninan, Accounting Office
Sally Parish, Educational Initiatives
Courtney Paulino, Physics and Materials Science
Jacqueline Robinson, Procurement and Contract Services
Lyndsay Saunders, Biology
Shanna Savell, Financial Planning
Michele Schlinsog, Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Laterrence Selery, Physical Plant
Ron Serino, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tracy Shipp, College of Health Sciences
Eric Stokes, Admissions
William Thomas, Procurement and Contract Services
Stephanie Thompson, Research & Innovation
Winford Tindall, Admissions
Phenecia Turner, Housing & Residence Life
MK Tyler, Student Leadership
Marlow Valentine, Physical Plant
Darrell VanVickle, Physical Plant
Martell Washington, Police Services
Kellie Watson, Research & Innovation
Bridget Wells, English
Brigid Welsh, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Jason Williams, Housing & Residence Life
Carol Wright, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Reginald Wright, Information Technology Services
Floyd Yancey, Information Technology Services
Laron Young, Police Services
Mahbuba Zaman, Campus Planning & Design

*Please note only staff employees are recognized at Five Years of Service. Faculty employees are recognized beginning with Ten Years of Service.