Career Milestone Recipients - 2023

Years of Service Recipient
45 Years of Service

Peter McMickle, School of Accountancy

40 Years of Service

Reza Banai, City and Regional Planning
Ebenezer George, Mathematics
Barbara Kritchevsky, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Barbara Taller, Biology
Sharon Tucker, University Libraries

35 Years of Service

Mohammad Amini, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Evell Ballard, Air Force ROTC
Barbara Bekis, Educational Support Program
Gregory Boller, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Maria Botelho, Mathematics
Charles Camp, Civil Engineering
Connie Carlin, University Libraries
Pamela Cash, External Relations
Kenneth Clark, Physical Plant
Pamela Cogdal, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Rendal Fayne, Admissions
Diana Humphrey-Mckee, Physical Plant
Roger Kreuz, College of Arts and Sciences
Charles Lessman, Biology
Glynda Luttman, World Languages and Literatures
Annette McNeil, Fogelman College of Business & Economics

30 Years of Service

Mary Beasley, Accounting Office
Amy Curry, Biomedical Engineering
Carl Gilleylen, Counseling Center
Xiangen Hu, Psychology
John Melton, Physical Plant
Frances Miller, Physical Plant
Derek Myers, Police Services
Monika Nenon, World Languages and Literatures
Frankie Perry, University Libraries
Carol Rambo, Sociology
William Smith II, Economics
David Spencer, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Mary Tate-Evans, College of Health Sciences

25 Years of Service

Alice Berry, Theatre & Dance
Anthony Black, Police Services
Linda Brooks, Housing and Residence Life
Michael Carter, Information Technology Services
Jeff Cline, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
John Cooper, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Carla Covington, Physical Plant
Mary Ewart, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Gloria Fitzgerald, University Libraries
Patricia Gatewood-Houston, Physical Plant
Stephen Horton, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Jenice Jackson, Institute For Intelligent Systems
Earnestine Jenkins, Art and Design
Satish Kedia, School of Public Health
Angela Kuykendoll, UofM Global
Danny Linton, Human Resources
Julie Marshall, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Joyce Mitchell, Parking and Transportation Services
Stephanie Morris, Physical Plant
Michael O'Nele, Theatre & Dance
Janet Page, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Paul Palazolo, Civil Engineering
Abby Parrill-Baker, College of Arts and Sciences
Gary Patterson, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Jennifer Perry, Business Integration Services
Paula Phillips, University Libraries
David Romantz, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Tricia Simmons, Mathematics
James Singleton, University Libraries
Letonia Williams, Athletic Ticket Office

20 Years of Service

Marco Anderson, Police Services
Stephanie Beasley, Office of the President
Adrienne Bonton, Chemistry
Ronnie Brooks, Physical Plant
TK Buchanan, Police Services
Judith Cole, Biology
Melloni Cook, Psychology
Guiomar Duenas-Vargas, History
Randolph Dupont, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Carlos Estrano, Biology
Thomas Hagen, Mathematics
Yolanda Hawkins, Information Technology Services
Joseph Hayden, Journalism and Strategic Media
Cheryl Hayes, Research & Innovation
Robert Hewitt Jr, Engineering Technology
Arleen Hill, Earth Sciences
Robynn Hopkins, Human Resources
William Johnson, Communication and Film
Peter Lau, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Justin Lawhead, Office of the Dean of Students
Elizabeth McDonald, University Libraries
Glida McGhee, Physical Plant
Kimberly McIntosh, Physical Plant
Cheryl Moore, Research Administration
Esra Ozdenerol, Earth Sciences
Vickie Peters, School of Urban Affairs
Vinhthuy Phan, Computer Science
Melissa Ramage, Business & Finance Reporting & System Initiatives
Timothy Shiu, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Trevor Stack, Parking and Transportation Services
Jennifer Taylor, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Robert Thieme, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Julian Thompson, Information Technology Services
Yongmei Wang, Chemistry
Debbie Widman, Health Center
Jin Yang, Journalism and Strategic Media

15 Years of Service

Joy Austin, English
Vania Barraza Toledo, World Languages and Literatures
Joseph Biggers, Center for Excellence MD2K
Lynda Black, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Bryna Bobick, Art and Design
Prentice Braswell Jr, Physical Plant
Vanessa Brocks, Academic Advising
Shelia Buckley, Center for Research on Educational Policy
Logan Caldwell, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Michael Cervetti, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Ronisha Childress, Center for Research on Educational Policy
Shelby Crosby, English
Sherri Dean, Data Services Administration
Marty Deull, External Relations
Carolyn Dickens, Office of University Advancement
Frances Fabian, Management
Billy Goldsby, Physical Plant
Chrystal Goudsouzian, History
Rodney Gray, Business Integration Services
Merthia Hardin, Physical Plant
Kathryn Hicks, Anthropology
Averill Hill, Office of the Registrar
Kantaylieniere Hill-Clarke, College of Education
Thomas Hrach, Journalism and Strategic Media
Landon Johnson, Physical Plant
Donna Jones, Law Library
Ryan Jones, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Carolyn Kaldon, Center for Research on Educational Policy
Daniel Kiel, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Daniel Kohn, Engineering Technology
Sandra Love, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Deshone Marshall, Information Technology Services
Daphene McFerren, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Anna Myers, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Albert Nguyen, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Errol O'Neill, World Languages and Literatures
Ivan Ortega-Santos, World Languages and Literatures
Tuesday Owens, University & Student Business Services
Tasha Pollock, Campus Recreation
Sarah Potter, History
Christie Ransom, Accounting Office
Annette Rhodes, School of Public Health
Holliday Ridge, Office of the Registrar
Helen Sable, Psychology
Kevin Sanders, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Melissa Shoaff, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Kate Sims, Shared Services Center
Emily Smith, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Lori Stallings, Communication and Film
Rosalyn Sullivan, Athletics
Mark Sunderman, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Michael Thompson, Physical Plant
Robert Thornton, Information Technology Services
Junmin Wang, Sociology
John Williams, Biomedical Engineering
James Wilson, Physical Plant
Denise Winsor, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Xuan Zhao, Chemistry

10 Years of Service

Amy Abell, Biology
Meredith Aden, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Phillip Amsden, Physical Plant
Eric Bailey II, Student Success
Madhusudhanan Balasubramanian, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jennifer Barker, Architecture
James Beel III, Information Technology Services
Cody Behles, Research & Innovation
Kevin Berisso, Engineering Technology
Elisabeth Blatchford, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Gary Bowlin, Biomedical Engineering
Shirley Brown, College of Health Sciences
Jacqueline Buford, Loewenberg College of Nursing
LaToria Burnette, Office of University Advancement
Geraldine Burton, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Amber Bush, Student Accountability
Gina Caucci, Psychology
Scott Chandler, Physical Plant
Ciara Chastain, Parking and Transportation Services
Gerald Chaudron, University Libraries
Eunseo Choi, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Tori Cliff, Regents Online Degree Program
Michele Coffey, History
Melanie Conroy, World Languages and Literatures
Tracy Cosenza, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Vicki Deaton, Internal Audit
Helen Dodd-Rodgers, University Libraries
Regan Edwards, World Languages and Literatures
Caitlin Evans, Network Services
Ryan Fisher, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Noah Franklin, Football
Joy Goldsmith, Communication and Film
Samuel Grandberry, Rental Properties
Julie Green, Conference and Event Services
Stephen Grisham, Police Services
David Grynkiewicz, Mathematics
Donal Harris, English
Matthew Haught, Journalism and Strategic Media
Lauren Hillman, Football
Daniel Honnold, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Kathryn Howell, Psychology
Stephanie Huette, Psychology
Melanie Jacobs, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Amanda Johnson, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Adam Johnson, Recruitment
Arthur Johnson III, Physical Plant
Youngsang Kwon, Earth Sciences
Donna Lancaster, Payroll
Irena Lasiecka, Mathematics
Jeffrey Leedham Jr, Political Science
Peter Letsou, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Brandon Maas, University Libraries
Brook Marcks, Psychology
Melissa Marshall, Keep Tennessee Beautiful
James McCutcheon, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Samuel Mensah, Physics and Materials Science
Sabyasachee Mishra, Civil Engineering
Richard Mulrooney, Men's Soccer
Erin Nelson, Public Administration
Susan Nordstrom, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Shkendie Papraniku, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Ryan Parish, Earth Sciences
Meredith Powers, Office of University Advancement
Jason Presley, Herff College of Engineering
Lucinda Rasch, Law Library
Joanne Rhodes, Physics and Materials Science
Amanda Rodino, Disability Resources for Students
Katherine Rote, Office of Institutional Research
Loretta Rudd, Child Development & Family Studies
M. David Rudd, Psychology
Brian Ruggaber, Theatre & Dance
Mary Schallert, College of Health Sciences
Isaiah Surbrook, Herff College of Engineering
Lauren Thompson, Integrated Microscopy Center
John Topinka, Public Administration
Micah Trapp, Anthropology
William Travis, College of Health Sciences
Roberto Triggiani, Mathematics
Beverly Tsacoyianis, History
Kenisha Udell, Alumni Advancement
Marie van der Merwe, College of Health Sciences
Charlotte Wade, Testing Services
LaGerra Williams, Office of University Advancement
Michelle Wilmer, Health Center
Mary Wilson, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Alton Woods Jr, Athletic Business Office
Brian Wright, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Deborah Wyatt, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Hongmei Zhang, Biostats

5 Years of Service*

LaToya Andrews, Human Resources
Meagan Anthony, Alumni Advancement
Emilie Bowman, College of Arts and Sciences
Tara Buchannan, Student Academic Success
Sean Burdette, Volleyball
Artice Carter, Counseling Center
Kiara Caswell, Parking and Transportation Services
Loria Crawford, Physical Plant
Pennie Crutchfield, Parking and Transportation Services
Walter Davidson, Police Services
Alletha Davis, Office of the Registrar
Sheynah Davis, Office of the Registrar
David Deason, Counseling Center
Marlon Dechausay, Student Athlete Development
Sean Denby, University Libraries
Michelle Duerr, University Libraries
Justin Fenlon, Athletic Business Office
Jerry Fenton, Physical Plant
Cody Fletcher, Government and Community Relations
Fonda Fracchia, Career Services
Katherine Freese, Biology
Mallory Gary, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Korie Hard, Herff College of Engineering
Anfernee Hardaway, Men's Basketball
Joseph Hicks, Office of Facilities Development
Patricia Holmes, Physical Plant
Kelsey Hoover, Health Center
Angela Jarvis, Office of University Advancement
Elizabeth Jasper, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Deljuan Jones, Information Technology Services
Caroline Kelley, University Libraries
James Keyes, Business Integration Services
Catherine Knowles, External Relations
Laura Langston, Admissions
Wesley LaRue, Office of University Advancement
Mark Longfellow, Campus Planning & Design
Isidro Magueyal, Physical Plant
Preston Morton, Police Services
Antonia Onidas, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Adam Osburn, Athletic Compliance
Inger Parnell, Student Academic Success
Ophrah Payne, University of Memphis TRIO
Jose Perrusquia, Institute for Journalism
Kenard Price, Information Technology Services
Tommy Pritchett, Physical Plant
Gene Prousnitzer, External Relations
Amanda Rike, UofM Global
Verties Sails III, Disability Resources for Students
Keziah Sanders, Housing and Residence Life
Marcus Savage, University of Memphis TRIO
Sanders Smith, Physical Plant
Stephanie Smith, Army ROTC
Eric Spangler, Research Computing
LaShara Strong, Campus Planning & Design
Erin Taylor-Strowder, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Laura Thomas, Sociology
Tony Thompson, Physical Plant
Winford Tindall, Admissions Communications
Mary Tucker, Educational Initiatives
Elarence Vinson, Environmental Health and Safety
Percy West, Athletic Academic Services
Kelfey Williams, Student Accountability
Terrence Williams, Elementary School Campus

*Please note only staff employees are recognized at 5 Years of Service. Faculty employees are recognized beginning with 10 Years of Service.