Records Storage & Retrieval

Human Resources stores electronic, microfilm, optical disk and paper records related to the University of Memphis employees, including regular and temporary full-time and part-time employees and graduate student employees. We do not keep student records or transcripts; those records are retained in the Office of the Registrar.

We retrieve information for various customers from electronic, microfilm, optical and paper documents. Access to the records is safeguarded and released to others only if they are already authorized to receive the information, or through the Tennessee Public Records Act. Certain records' access is restricted further; if you have questions on how to access particular documents, please contact us to assist you. [University Records Management Program]

Employees may see and obtain a copy of their employment records either by coming in person to our office with their University ID card, or asking for the records by filing out The Tennessee Public Records Act request form. [Public Records: Inspecting & Copying]