SAMS: Engaging and Productive Performance Appraisal Meeting Tips

  • Use a video and audio technology conferencing platform (Zoom, Teams, etc.), or a telephone conference call.
  • Be agile; given the current state of the world, the appraisal meeting method may be different for each employee.  Encourage employees to provide feedback as to the best method.
  • Be compassionate.  Working remotely may have alienated the employee and the appraisal process may generate additional stress.
  • Participate in SAMS training if you haven’t done so in the past or feel additional training is needed.
  • Review SMART goals to ensure the employee’s goals align with departmental goals which should align with the University strategic goals.
  • Use the performance appraisal as a guide for the meeting.
  • Allow the employee time to ask questions or reveal concerns.
  • Discuss personal career goals with the employee.  Allowing the employee to speak frankly about his/her personal career goals will help you plan for future workforce needs and the employee’s professional development.
  • Encourage the employee to reach out to you if additional guidance or help is needed.
  • Follow-up via email to ensure the employee has a written account of the meeting.