Values in Action Workshops

UofM Values

Every month employees have an opportunity to learn more about, explore and practice one of the six University of Memphis values through HR's Values in Action (VIA) Workshops. Those UofM values are Accountability, Collaboration, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation, Service, and Student Success. To see & register for the latest VIA workshops, please visit the links below. 

Thanks for your interest & participation in the 2022 Values In Action workshop series. We will be offering new selections when the UofM unveils its next Strategic Plan in 2023.

Direct Registration for VIA Workshops

For the convenience of participants all workshops are hosted on zoom between 12:00-1:00pm.

Date Value Specialist Topic Registration
November 11, 2022 Innovation Melissa Petersen from Campus Recreation Innovative Ideas for Gingerbread House Construction View Video Recording
November 10, 2022 Collaboration Brooke Willis & Rob Hughes Porter Leath & UofM: Early Childhood Academy at Orange Mound Closed
October 21, 2022 Service Kelsey Ryan  Service Learning and Volunteerism Closed
September 23, 2022 Accountability Tiger Banking Financial Accountability Closed
August 26, 2022 Student Success Tiger Pantry Serving Our Students Closed
July 15, 2022 Innovation Melissa Petersen from Campus Recreation Innovative Ways to Mix Up Summer Meals Closed
June 13, 2022 Diversity LGBTQ+ Pride and Equity Alliance Understanding Sexuality & Gender Diversity Closed
May 13, 2022 Collaboration Employee Assistance Program Mental Health Month & How To Manage Stress Closed
April 1, 15, & 22, 2022 Service American Heart Association Moving More, Being Well & Women’s Heart Health Closed
March 9, 2022 Student Success Dr. Karen Weddle West & Amanda Clarkson Employees & Education Benefits Closed
February 17, 2022 Diversity and Inclusion  Dr. Mel Campbell Understanding & Embracing Diversity Closed
January 25, 2022 Accountability Employee Assistance Program Making the Most of Your Working Day Closed

Zoom times have been set for 11:30am-1:15pm to account for set up and post meeting notes. Participants can join at any time and will be automatically muted upon entry.