Regional Intervention Program

What is RIP?

RIP is an early intervention program serving children with behavioral problems under the age of six (6) years; many with varying developmental abilities.   Parents serve as primary therapists for their own children at RIP, with valuable peer support from other families facing similar challenges. Veteran RIP parents and staff assist newly enrolled parents in learning, practicing, and implementing positive behavior management skills, strategies, and techniques to address their children's behavior issues. RIP has been teaching positive discipline techniques to help preschoolers and their families since 1969 and is staffed by degreed professionals, and by parents who have completed RIP with their own children.

For More Information:

Please visit the main Regional Intervention Program website for more information regarding services provided, philosophy, and history.

RIP: Regional Intervention Program

Information for Parents

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Parent or legal guardian is a Tennessee resident.
2. Target child is younger than 6 years of age at the time the child is enrolled in the program or is placed on the waiting list.
3. Family has concerns regarding target child's behavior in home, preschool, or community settings. Developmental concerns may also be present, but are not required.
4. Parent or legal guardian agrees to participate fully during each scheduled visit at RIP.
5. Parent or legal guardian can provide proof of a recent well-child visit and current immunization records.

Reasons to Come to RIP: 

  • Aggression 
  • Bedtime and sleeping issues 
  • Destruction of property  
  • High activity level 
  • Non-compliance 
  • Mealtime problems 
  • Running from adults 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Tantrums
  • Trouble at school 
  • Any other behavioral issues

What Does RIP Cost?

  • There is no monetary cost to enrolled families.
  • Adult family members pay with their time, energy, and commitment by helping support and train new families.

What are Memphis RIP's Hours?

Families may choose between the following program timeslots:

Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm – 6:30pm;
Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Where is Memphis RIP Located?

We are on the Park Avenue Campus of the University of Memphis. Our building is located across from the Graduate and Student Family Housing complex. RIP Memphis' address is 4111 South MSU B Street, Building 48. We are geo-tagged on Google Maps; search for "RIP Memphis" or "Regional Intervention Program Memphis". 

Directions from Poplar Avenue:

Drive south on South Goodlett Street, at the stoplight at Park Ave, continue straight onto Park Avenue Campus. Turn left onto North Park Loop. Continue east on North Park Loop until it turns into East Park Loop. Continue south until you are forced to turn right on the Loop, near Graduate Student Family Housing. You will see RIP signs on the stairwell of our building, to the right. Arrive at 4111 S MSU B Street, on the right. Use east side entrance with RIP signs on stair railings. Please keep in mind, our driveway is a ONE WAY entrance. Please be sure your car is facing the correct direction.

Directions from I-240:

Start at I-240, Memphis, take exit Getwell Road, turn right on West Park Loop, bear left on West Buford Ellington Drive, turn left on S MSU B Street, arrive at 4111 S MSU B Street, on the left. Use east side entrance with RIP signs on stair railings. Please keep in mind, our driveway is a ONE WAY entrance. Please be sure your car is facing the correct direction.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Parents or legal guardians must make the first call to initiate the information and enrollment process. Parents should call 901-678-5258 or 901-678-4173 or e-mail jdavis67@memphis.edu to schedule an intake session.

Community Resources

RIP Staff are available to provide free community presentations for parents, teachers, administrators, and any other interested persons.  Content includes: overview of the RIP program, services and eligibility, overview of positive behavior management strategies and tips for collaboration between families and schools. To schedule, please call 901-678-5258 or 901-678-4173.

If your child is 6 years or older upon initial call, or if you are not a Tennessee resident, RIP Memphis Staff can refer you to several agencies in the Memphis area.

Memphis RIP is operated by The University of Memphis through a contract with Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

RIP: Regional Intervention Program