The Academy

The Academy

While others sit behind a monitor reading about freight, you can come to the University of Memphis and learn how to keep your business moving.

The Freight Transportation Leadership Academy will provide the foundation for industry executives to better themselves and their respective companies in both transportation and related fields. This unique program is designed to equip industry executives with fundamental leadership skills, a foundation of knowledge in the four transportation modes and their connectivity as well as the opportunity to learn from and network with other transportation professionals.

The University of Memphis is one of the country's leading learner-centered metropolitan research universities. Located in "North America's Distribution Center," the University of Memphis is committed to the freight transportation industry. With five class 1 railroads, the nation's largest freight airport, the fourth largest in-land port and home to several large trucking companies operating on some of the busiest freight corridors in the country, Memphis is one of the greatest working freight laboratories in the world.

The FTLA is currently undergoing program modifications. Stay tuned for more details!  In the meantime, we are moving forward in 2018-2019 with our Undergraduate Transportation Fellows program.  Updates to follow!