iIMPACT Community Impact

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Memphis Partnerships to Advance Community Transformation (iIMPACT) is an institute designed to transform community engagement and research within The University of Memphis. iIMPACT serves as catalyst to ensure that the current and future initiatives consciously work to achieve the same goals. iIMPACT projects are collaborative, interdisciplinary, and focus on improving the health and education outcomes for children and families. iIMPACT is currently funded by the Urban Child Institute.

To Explore the positive impact our programs have on the community at the local, regional, state, and national levels, you can view each iIMPACT Community Impact Project “Heat Map” below by clicking on the project and map. For more information about the impact our programs have on the community and how to get connected, contact us at iimpact@memphis.edu

We’d like to thank Gregory Miles Blumenthal, PhD, for his contributions to our work, specifically producing the heat maps at no charge. Dr. Blumenthal has produced a body of work of enormous depth and breadth, encompassing research in toxicology, risk analysis, secure financial web applications, and other data science projects for such agencies as NIH, EPA, the VA, and NASA. GMBS Consulting provides a broad variety of mapping, statistical profile development, probabilistic statistical modeling, data collection, and survey design.