Administrative Core

Drives iIMPACT’s mission and oversees the day-to-day management and direction of iIMPACT in relation to UofM, the funding agency, and the community at large.

Community Engagement Core

Builds upon existing community networks to serve as a bi-directional bridge between researchers and community-based organizations to build capacity, disseminate knowledge, implement and evaluate interventions that address the health and well-being of urban children and families.

Research/Service Projects Core

Provides an environment to equip the next generation of professionals with the knowledge, skills and experiences to conduct culturally competent, evidence-based, and ethically responsible community-based research and services.

Education/Training Core

Unites the academic mission of UofM (and other key institutions, e.g., UTHSC, Le Bonheur) and interdisciplinary and community education goals, including through best practices in curriculum design and implementation (with a focus on the interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and community-based). 

Policy Core

Provides law and policy-related research across programs and help drive system-level (as broadly conceived) change.  

Data & Evaluation Core

Collects and houses and aggregate data from various programs (when possible), conduct programmatic process and outcome evaluations, and support evidence-based practices and policy analysis and development of evidence-informed policy.