The Histology Laboratory at the Integrated Microscopy Center provides quality, timely and need-based histology service for soft and mineralized animal and plant samples.
The microfabrication laboratory at the University of Memphis opened in May 2013 and provides a learning and research environment for students, faculty and industrial parties.
Equipped with camera stand and fiber optics light source
Experienced staff members are available to advise and assist investigators with their research

Serving Scientific Disciplines at the UofM

The IMC is a fee-for-service, shared research facility offering high-end instrumentation, technical support, and education to the University of Memphis research community, as well as to other regional academic institutions and industries.

This core facility is integrated in that it serves the different scientific disciplines at the University of Memphis, including Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physics, as well as the different Engineering fields. This integration is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as academic and industrial partnerships. The IMC is the University's primary shared, core research facility and reports administratively to the Office of the Vice President for Research.