October 9-11, 2014: Dr. Skalli, Ms. Boykins and Ms. Thompson attended the joint conference of the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources(2nd Annual) and Midwest & Southeast Association of Core Directors(5th Annual) at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN.

October 2014: O. Skalli (IMC Director), L. Boykins (IMC coordinator) and L. Coons (IMC former Director) co-authored a book chapter on "Electron microscopy" published in: "Biofouling Methods", pages 26-43, Dobretsov, Williams, and Thomason Edts, Wiley Blackwell publisher, 2014.

September 2014: Dr. Preza (PI; Dept. of Electrical Engineering) and Dr. Skalli (co-PI; Dept. of Biology and Director of the Integrated Microscopy Center) were awarded an NSF Instrument Development for Biological Research (IDBR) grant, entitled "Improving 3D resolution and reducing sensitivity to spherical aberration in live, thick sample cellular imaging using novel methods in optical sectioning microscopy".

June 2014: Dr. Skalli presented a talk at a conference on "Molecular insights into muscle function and protein aggregation myopathies".

April-May 2014: Users are being trained to operate the Nova NanoSEM 650.

March 2014: Installation of the Nova NanoSEM 650 field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM). The FESEM also has attachments for STEM (scanning transmission electron microscopy), EDS mapping and analysis and ebeam lithography.

October 9, 2013: Ms. Lou Boykins, the IMC coordinator, received a 15 years of service celebration award. Congratulations, Ms. Boykins, for your hard work and dedication during these years.

September 9, 2013: Drs Skalli (PI), Bumgartner (co-PI), Lindner (co-PI), Larsen (co-PI), Mishra (co-PI) were awarded an NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant for the acquisition of a field-emission scanning electron microscope.

July 15, 2013: The IMC welcomed Ms. Lauren Thompson, who is responsible for the operation of the Histology lab and Light & Fluorescence microscopes.

May 29, 2013: Opening of a Materials Science Laboratory which includes a class 1000 clean room, an AJA Orion deposition unit/sputtering system/thermal evaporator, a mask aligner/exposure system (Tamarack 152), wire bonder, spin coater, X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS). Dr. Felio Perez, a Physics and Materials Science PhD, is responsible for the operation of the Materials Science Laboratory and can be contacted at: fperez@memphis.edu