Dr. Felio Perez

Dr. Felio Perez

Materials Science Lab Manager

101 Life Sciences Building
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Dr. Perez is an experimental hard condensed matter physicist, who obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Universidad del Valle in Cali (Colombia). Dr. Perez then conducted postdoctoral research in the Department of Physics at West Virginia University, where he also contributed to the training, maintenance, and operation of the shared research facilities. Dr. Perez research centers on the tribological, optical, superconducting and magnetic properties of metals, oxides and fluorides layered structures. He is also interested in the effect of hydrogen absorption on the physical properties of thin films. His research findings have been reported in more than 75 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Perez is also a skilled instructor and mentor who held several teaching appointments throughout his career.

Dr. Perez possesses a wide repertoire of laboratory skills related to Materials Sciences. These skills include: growth, morphological, structural, chemical, magnetic, and transport characterizations of thin films, as well as experience with advanced characterization methods such as neutron reflectivity and diffraction. In addition, Dr. Perez has extensive experience in construction, management and maintenance of research laboratory equipment and clean room facilities.

At the Integrated Microscopy Center, Dr. Perez is responsible for the operation of the Materials Science Laboratory. This component includes a class 1000 cleanroom housing: a microfabrication station, and a surface characterization suite equipped with an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer and an atomic force microscope. He also trains users in the operation of the different instruments in the Materials Science Laboratory and advises them in their experimental design and during data analysis.