Graduate International Admissions

To apply to the University of Memphis, please follow the appropriate link. Please come visit the International Students Office only after admission to the university. The ISS Office does not directly handle admission applications but will answer any questions regarding the admission process.

Graduate Admissions: https://www.memphis.edu/graduateadmissions/index.php

 Law School Admissions: https://www.memphis.edu/law/admissions/

Students who are interested in the F-1 visa or in continuing F-1 status when shifting in from another U.S. school will need to obtain a University of Memphis form I-20. To make the I-20, our office must see the following items. You may have already completed some items on this list, but all are needed for the I-20:

1. Full and official admission to The University of Memphis for an on-campus degree program. Note that online degrees do not meet F-1 requirements. The Admissions Office normally sends this information to our office for each newly admitted student.

2. Updated financial information to include tuition and living costs for two regular semesters. At this time, this means that newly admitted students must show the ability to afford $32508 (for incoming masters and PhD students) or the ability to afford $34066 (for undergraduate students). We must additionally see $6,000 USD for adding a spouse for F-2 purposes.

This financial support may possibly be shown through a graduate assistantship letter, a bank letter for your account, or a bank letter plus an affidavit of support from your sponsor's account, a scholarship support letter from your home country government, or any combination thereof.

Please send this information to TheWorld@memphis.edu when complete. Also, find The U of M affidavit form here: https://www.memphis.edu/admissions/pdfs/affidavit.pdf

3. Updated address information to include a mailing address and also an address that is your residential location outside of the U.S. (must not be a postal box).

4. A scan or faxed image of your passport data page. This page normally shows your name, birthdate, and your passport's expiration date. Please send this to TheWorld@memphis.edu

5. Any additional visa-related information must be shared with our office, to include any potential F-2 spouse or dependent children passport data pages, and any information on a previous I-20 or SEVIS number.

With items 1-5 listed above, we can prepare a new form I-20.