What can I do with a degree in Judaic Studies?

With ever increasing levels of competition among college graduates, everyone is looking for an edge, and employers are looking for applicants that not only stand out, but also have the necessary skills to succeed in all their endeavors. Graduates with a major or minor in Judaic Studies have shown a mastery of analytical writing, critical thinking, and cultural awareness, and have had great success in all manners of careers.

Occupation Mean Salary
Lobbyist $55,460.00
Historian $54,495.00
Career Counselor $53,710.00
Event Planner $46,455.00
Book Editor $54,215.00
Writer/Author $57,250.00
Guidance Counselor $53,710.00
Speech Writer $57,250.00
Paralegal $48,690.00
Translator $43,450.00
Public Relations Specialist $55,455.00
Accountant $63,105.00
Journalist $57,250.00
Philosophy Professor $63,645.00
Rabbi $43,980.00
Foreign Service Officer $61,250.00
Arbitrator $58,545.00



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