Honors College Credit/No Credit Policy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Memphis will offer all students a credit/no credit grading system for the semester. Grades will be submitted in the same way and on the same dates as originally planned. Students will have the option of leaving their grades as posted. However, students will also have the option of notifying the Registrar that they would prefer to have all grades for this semester converted to credit/no credit grades.

Because instructors will submit grades, the Honors College will continue to award honors credit based upon the grades submitted for the course at the end of the semester.  Students who earn a minimum grade of “B” (3.0) in an honors course will receive credit toward the University Honors/University Honors with Thesis designations. Students who opt for the credit/no credit system will also receive credit for honors courses with a minimum grade of “B.”

Similarly, the policy for honors contracting will remain the same. All students who earn a grade of “B” or higher in a course and also fulfill the terms of the honors contract will receive honors credit.

Thus, regardless of whether you leave your grades as posted or opt to have them converted to credit/no credit grades, you will earn honors credit for courses with a minimum grade of “B.”

Please contact our office at honors@memphis.edu if you have questions.