Honors Students Present at Posters at the Capitol

Each year, undergraduate researchers from across the state converge upon the Tennessee State Capitol to share their projects with state legislators. This year, seven honors students from the University of Memphis presented their research projects during the Posters at the Capitol event in Nashville on February 26, 2020. 

Posters at Capitol Group 2020

UofM Students, Projects & Faculty Mentors

Aaron Byrn, "Social Enrichment Protects against Behaviors Related to Anxiety and Addiction in Mice.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deranda Lester, Psychology.

Rayven Covington, “Analysis of the Applicability of Mini-Piezometers as an Alternative to Traditional Methods of Studying the Hyporheic Zone.”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Claudio Meier, Civil Engineering.

Destinee Cruthird, “Working Memory Deficiencies in ADHD Prone Rats.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Helen Sable, Psychology.

Hunter Franks, "The Effects of Environment in Adolescence on Risky Decision-Making.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicolas Simon, Psychology.

Elijah Gasmen, “Simulation and Optimization of Aerogel Packaging Solution for Cold-Chain Biologistics.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Marchetta, Mechanical Engineering.

Kaeli Johnson, “Self-Regulation and Protective Behavioral Strategies as Mechanisms in the Relation Between Depression and Problematic Alcohol Use: A Serial Mediation Model.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Murphy, Psychology.

Serena Jones, “Examining the Impact of Social Isolation During Adolescence and Adulthood on Behaviors related to Anxiety and Addiction in Mice.”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deranda Lester, Psychology.

The Helen Hardin Honors College provides support for students to present their research, creative works and community-based learning projects at regional and national conferences. For more information on the posters event or the Honors College email honors@memphis.edu or call 901-678-2690.