Meet the Honors Summer Research Fellows

Each year the Honors College provides an opportunity for 10 undergraduate students to work with UofM faculty on research projects throughout the summer months. In addition to receiving a stipend to conduct research over the summer, the students also receive funding to travel to state and national conferences to present their research during the 2020-21 academic year. The Honors College is pleased to announce the 2020 Honors Summer Research Fellows:

Michael Chaney (Biomechanical Engineering)
Mentor:  Timothy Brewster, Chemistry

Matthew Atwill (Biomechanical Engineering)
Mentor: Joel Bumgardner, Biomechanical Engineering

David Hale (Biomechanical Engineering)
Mentor: Amy Curry, Biomechanical Engineering

Wesley Roberts (Psychology)
Mentor: Gina Cauci, Psychology

Emily Kaesberg (Health Studies)
Mentor: Douglas Powell, Health Studies

Kian Ziai (Biomechanical Engineering)
Mentor: Gary Bowlin, Biomechanical Engineering

Ashylyn Redmond (Dietetics)
Mentor: Marie van der Merwe, Dietetics

Sydney Prather (English)
Mentor: Sage Graham, English

Emma Micer (Biology/Chemistry)
Mentor: Jaime Sable, Biology

Carina Hicks (Psychology)
Mentor: Helen Sable, Psychology