Honors College Sponsors Students to Present Research at National Conference

Ten University of Memphis students will present their research projects at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, which will be held virtually April 12-14, 2021.

Since its inception in 1987, NCUR has become a major annual event drawing over 4,000 undergraduates, faculty, and administrators to hear and discuss undergraduate scholarly and creative work.

The University of Memphis students, their projects and faculty mentors are:

Lindsey Baker, “Evaluation of G Protein Coupled Receptor Interaction Fingerprints in Docking Protocols.” Faculty mentors: Dr. Daniel Baker and Dr. Abby Parrill, Chemistry;

Michael Chaney, “A Brief Synopsis of the Synthesis and Characterization of Rhodium-Aluminum and Iridium-Aluminum Heterobimetallic Complexes Bridge by 5-Hydroxyquinoline.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Brewster, Chemistry;

Emily Coleman, “Assessment of Methacrylated Chitosan Hydrogels for Local Delivery of Simvastatin.” Faculty Mentors: Dr. Tomoko Fujiwara, Chemistry; Dr. Joel Bumgardner and Dr. Amber Jennings, Biomedical Engineering;

Martin Guerrero, “Experimental Validation of Structure-Based Pharmacophores: Toward a High-Throughput Screening Tool for GPCR Ligand Discovery.” Faculty mentors: Dr. Kristie Ruddick, Dr. Daniel Baker, and Dr. Abby Parrill, Chemistry;

Carina Hicks, “Assessing Cortical Dopamine Transmission in a Genetic Rat Model of ADHD.” Faculty mentors: Dr. Deranda Lester and Dr. Helen Sable, Psychology;

Emma Micer, “Exploring Undergraduate Biology and Chemistry Students’ Understanding of Enzymes.” Faculty mentors: Dr. Nathan DeYonker, Chemistry, and Dr. Jaime Sabel, Biological Sciences;

Eric Pillow, “Aerosols and Particulates Emitted while Speaking and Singing.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Jeff Marchetta, Mechanical Engineering;

Lindsay Ringer, “Examining the Effect of Kratom on Dopamine Transmission Related to Abuse Liability.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Deranda Lester, Psychology;

Wesley Roberts, “The Effects of Musical Nuances on Cognition.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Gina Caucci, Psychology, and

Kian Ziai, “Evaluating the Effect of Flavonoids on Neutrophil NETosis.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Gary Bowlin, Biomedical Engineering.

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The Helen Hardin Honors College provides support for students to present their research, creative works and community-based learning projects at regional and national conferences. For more information, email honors@memphis.edu.