2021 Works in Progress Symposium Winners

The Works in Progress Symposium (WIPS) provides a means for undergraduate students throughout the University to share their research with the general University community, and recognizes the significant contribution to research by University of Memphis undergraduates. This year, 31 students participated in the symposium featuring research from many different fields including anthropology, biological sciences, biomedical engineering, communication, finance, and history. The abstracts for all student presentations may be found at: WIPS 2021 Program.



1st place: Alan Pillow, Mechanical Engineering

2nd place:  Samantha Hall, Biomedical Engineering

Physical and Applied Sciences

1st place:  Estefania Guerrero Viloria, Biomedical Engineering

Social and Behavior Sciences

1st place (tie):  Anna Wiener, Psychology; Katerina Baldree, Anthropology

2nd place: Mackenzie Love, Psychology

Life and Health Sciences

1st place: Sarah Coleman, Biological Sciences

 2nd place: Razan Sweileh, Biological Sciences

Liberal and Fine Arts:

1st place: Sophia Rouse, History


1st place: Alex Beis, Finance