Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christodoulos Kyriakopoulos

Faculty Mentor's Department: Center for Earthquake Research and Information

Telephone Number/Email: 901-678-4830; christos.k@memphis.edu 

Project Description: The recently established CERI Visualization Lab is currently looking for undergraduate students to work on projects related with the visualization of tectonic and earthquake processes. We are looking for students with enthusiasm about Science and Discovery and with interest in modern visualization technologies. The proposed project includes the use of 3D Printing and Virtual Reality (and/or Augmented Reality) for the representation of complex fault systems, earthquake rupture, seismic sequences, subduction zones and many other geophysical processes. The experience in our Lab combines the results from advanced earthquake research with innovative visualization technologies. The lab schedule will be arranged based on the advisor's availability and the student schedule.

Note on COVID emergency: Due to the pandemic, I have adapted our Lab activities to be done remotely and without in person meetings. I will provide for the student a full VR system (VR Ready Laptop + VR googles) to work from home. In case access in the lab is required we will follow University policies.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Useful skills:

  • MATLAB programming and/or other languages (e.g. Python)
  • Visualization - Photo editing software (e.g. Paraview, Photoshop, Gimp or equivalent)
  • AR/VR related software (e.g. Unity or similar)

More information about CERI Earthquake Modeling and Visualization Lab: https://sites.google.com/ucr.edu/chrisgeophysics/home

Example of Vis Lab Intern Presentation at AGU 2020 Meeting:

Application or Interview Process: Resume and Interview

Hours per week: 10-15

Start Date: Contact Dr. Kyriakopoulos for potential start date

Faculty Mentor: Thomas Goebel

Faculty Mentor's Department: Center for Earthquake Research and Information

Telephone Number/Email: 901-678-4885; thgoebel@memphis.edu 

Project Description: The student will be involved in detecting and locating human-induced earthquakes in a geothermal reservoir in Nevada. These earthquakes are caused by injection and producing fluids from hot-rocks which results in sufficiently high stress perturbations to cause fault-slip and seismic energy radiation.
The student will learn many details about seismic data processing, induced earthquakes, and geothermal energy generation. Expected tasks will include:
1) Visual inspection of seismic data to detect earthquakes
2) Determine the exact arrival time of seismic waves at different stations
3) Learn to use seismic software to locate earthquakes and compute magnitudes
4) Interpret the data in the context of local geological setting and faulting.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Scientific computing skills including basic matlab or python programming are required. I don't expect the student to develop completely new code but rather use existing codes, applied to different data. Ideally, the student should be familiar with unix operating systems. The student should be self-motivated and eager to learn new concepts. A general interest in geothermal energy, geology and seismology will be beneficial.

Application or Interview Process: Letter of Interest, Unofficial Transcript, Describe an experience with matlab or python

Hours per week: 10-20

Start Date: TBD