Computer Science

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Cook

Faculty Mentor's Department: Computer Science

Contact Information: ascook@memphis.edu; (901) 678-4128

Project Description: Our research lab combines human-computer interaction and learning sciences to design technology for interactive learning opportunities in computer science courses. We also design tools and training material to support teaching assistants. We are looking for students interested in learning about research, developing systems, running user studies, or analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. Students will have opportunities to earn conference paper authorship, work with graduate students, and participate in lab activities.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Computer science major or minor; honors student or GPA 3.0 or above.

Application or Interview Process: Students must submit a resume, letter of interest/cover letter, unofficial transcript emailed directly to Dr. Cook at ascook@memphis.edu. Interview required.

Starting Date and Duration: 15 hours per week, starting immediately.

Faculty Mentor: Lan Wang

Department: Computer Science, http://netlab.cs.memphis.edu

Contact Information: 901-678-1643, lanwang@memphis.edu

Project Description: Students will work on developing Named Data Networking (www.named-data.net), a future internet architecture that is much more secure and efficient than the current internet.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Open only to undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.5 and above in the Computer Science Department. The student must have obtained an A from both COMP 1900 and COMP 2150, and the student must be able to work for at least one year.

Application or Interview Process: Students must submit a resume, unofficial transcript and 2 letters of reference from computer science faculty members (letters must be directly emailed to Professor Wang from the other faculty members).

Hours per week: The student is expected to work up to 20 hours per week during semesters and up to 40 hours per week during the summer. 

Starting Date: Immediately

Method of Compensation: Volunteer  

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Tawfik

Department: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership

Contact Information: aatawfik@memphis.edu 

Project Description:The Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) Studio is a lab that is interested in the design, development, and evaluation of educational technologies. The Studio partners with schools and organizations within the community and helps them apply edtech in meaningful ways. This position would include data analysis, working directly with users, and possible multimedia development. In terms of scholarship, the students would be included on conference presentations and journal publications.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Multimedia development (e.g – familiarity with tools such as Adobe, iMovie, etc)

Application or Interview Process: Students should submit a brief letter of interest; Face to face interview

Hours per week the student will work: 20/week

Starting Date: Immediately

Method of Compensation: Volunteer