Engineering Technology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Berisso

Department: Engineering Technology

Telephone Number and Email Address: 901-678-4300 / kberisso@memphis.edu

Project Description: I am working on a series of bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) projects that will be used to identify various performance characteristics for both technologies. The results will be incorporated into various business and industrial standards that revolve around the technologies. I will require a student researcher to a) help design and build test equipment, b) configure (program) the hardware, c) conduct initial data analysis work on the results (pivot tables, data cleaning, etc.)

Requirements for Student Applicants: Strong mechanical and technological aptitude. Must be able to physically fabricate what they design. Basic electronics (DC circuits) understanding is required. Advanced Excel experience and/or database skills are a plus. Understanding of bar codes and/or RFID is a plus but not required.

Application or Interview Process: Submit resume and cover letter. Applicant will be contacted about an interview.

Hours per week the student will work: 15-20 (The exact number of hours will vary from week to week and at least some of the work can be done remotely if necessary. However, at least a couple of hours per week will have to be on-campus.)

Start Date: TBD

Methods of Compensation: Volunteer