World Languages and Literatures

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Melanie Conroy

Faculty Mentor’s Department: World Languages and Literatures

Contact Information: mrconroy@memphis.edu 

Project Description: The student researcher will work on an autonomous project as a part of Nineteenth-Century Networks, a database of European Intellectual & Social Networks 1789-1914 (http://blogs.memphis.edu/19thcenturynetworks/). This research project is primarily a database of French and European writers and socialites with information about their publications and social networks. The project includes collecting and organizing data and can also include creating visualizations and short commentaries that will be credited to the student on the website. Skills to be learned: data modeling and organization, data analysis, data visualization.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Any major considered with preference to students in the humanities (World Languages and Literatures, English, History) and social sciences. Students must be in good standing but do not need a particular GPA or to be honors students.

Application or Interview Process: Please send a CV, name and email address for one academic reference, and unofficial transcript to mrconroy@memphis.edu.  Professor Conroy will contact candidates for interviews.

Hours per Week the Student Will Work: 10 - 15 hours

Starting Date: TBD

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leah C. Windsor

Faculty Mentor's Department: Institute for Intelligent Systems, Languages Across Cultures Lab

Contact Information: 901.355.7791; Leah.Windsor@memphis.edu 

Project Description: The Languages Across Cultures lab conducts interdisciplinary research related to the language of politics, especially in places where behavior is difficult to observe such as dictatorships like North Korea, and terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. We study how political actors use language to persuade and manipulate in order to achieve their goals, including deception, threats, and emotional displays. We study things like recruitment to terrorism, language that incites genocide, and differences between language in democracies and non-democracies. We also use state-of-the art biometric tools to evaluate not only the words that speakers use, but their intonation, vocal features, and facial expressions to provide a complete picture of the speaker in action. This research sits at the intersection of political science, international relations, psychology, cognitive science, sociology, computer science/engineering, communication and speech, business, and foreign languages and linguistics - to name a few! For students who are members of the IISSO (the Institute for Intelligent Systems Student Organization), travel funding is available for conferences. Students get hands-on research experience, technical training, and career mentorship in this lab!

Requirements for Student Applicants:
Good academic standing

Application or Interview Process: Contact information for reference (email preferred); unofficial transcript

Hours per week the student will work:
Up to 20 hours.

Starting Date: September 4, 2018

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Will Thompson

Faculty Mentor's Department:  World Languages and Literatures

Contact Information: (901) 678-3148; wjthmpsn@memphis.edu

Project Description:  The Old Mines French project is an on-going effort to research the French legacy in Old Mines, Missouri and the surrounding area.  Through a website (and accompanying newsletter and Facebook page), the project provides researchers, amateur historians, and the general public with information about the rich cultural heritage of the region dating back to settlement in the early 1700's.  Assistance is needed with maintaining/updating the website and identifying new sources of information.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Any major, with preference to students majoring in either World Languages or History.  Interest or experience in basic website maintenance and conducting online research.

Application or Interview Process:  Contact Dr. Thompson via email, including statement of interest, résumé, and name of faculty member who could serve as reference.

Starting Date: February 5 (flexible)

Hours Per Week:  10 hours

Method of Compensation:  Volunteer

Name of the Faculty Mentor: Vania Barraza T.

Faculty Mentor's Department: World Languages and Literatures

Contact Information: vbarraza@memphis.edu

Project Description: The editors of the book project Chilean Filmmaking in the World: Scattered Industry, Politicized Intimacy, Global Aesthetics are looking for editorial assistance. The book includes articles from native and non-English native speakers, and the editors are searching for research assistants interested in proofreading translated articles, and learning about editorial duties. Research assistants will further their knowledge of Latin American film studies, and improve their (bilingual) languages skills. This book will be the first publication in English to systematically examine new Chilean cinema.

·Requirements for Student Applicants:
Applicants need to be highly proficient in written English, and have a background in either History, Hispanic or Film Studies. The research assistant will be asked to proof-read about six-nine (15-20 pages) essays translated from Spanish into English. Bilingual (Spanish-English) proficiency or translation skills would be ideal, but not a must. If the candidate has bilingual/translation experience she/he could be asked to translate two or three articles. Hours per week are flexible.

Application or Interview Process: Please send a cover letter describing your interest in collaborating with this book project, and describing your major/minor, academic interests, background in either History, Hispanic or Film Studies, and English/Spanish - translation - written skills. Please include your academic transcript and the name of a faculty as a reference.

Hours per week the student will work: 10 hrs.

Start Date: Flexible

Method of Compensation: Volunteer