What is a Learning Community?

At the University of Memphis, a learning community is a group of 20-25 first semester freshman enrolled in a group of two to four courses. Specially selected faculty work within the community to engage students in learning inside and outside of the classroom. Smaller class sizes allow for close collaboration between students and their professors. This helps to create a comfortable and inclusive environment where active learning can take place.

There are a wide variety of learning communities to choose from - some focused on specific majors and some that include people from many different majors. So no matter what your major is, there is a community that can work for you! Each community has an ACAD 1100 course or a Freshman Seminar, general education courses, and/or major-required courses. Many communities also have guest speakers that come in to speak on special topics.

In addition, students in learning communities interact more outside of the classroom helping to foster stronger long lasting relationships. Many students form study groups and attend various campus events together. There are also formal activities planned for each community. In the past, these activities have included tours of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, Youth Villages Campus, community service projects, movies, and many more!