Student Expectations and Resources

Expectations of Students Participating

Register and remain enrolled in all the courses in your Tiger Learning Community.

One of the benefits of learning communities is the building of relationships. For the most part, students are enrolled in core curriculum classes within learning communities which can be used with most majors. So, even if a student is enrolled in a major based community and decides to change his/her major; he/she is strongly encouraged to remain enrolled to continue to experience the other benefits of learning communities. If you wish to drop a course, you must first speak with your academic advisor.

Attend the scheduled, structured out-of-class enrichment activities.

To encourage engagement among the learning community, we ask that each student attend the scheduled out-of-class activities within the learning community.

Take advantage of Tiger Learning Communities opportunities

Some the opportunities that may be presented to you as a member of a learning community are meeting other students, forming study groups, participating in programs, attending special events, and getting to know U of M faculty members. All of these opportunities are designed to help student transition from high school to college to eventually the world.

Maintain open communication with faculty members

If you encounter an issue, please communicate this issue with one of your TLC faculty members. If do not feel comfortable speaking with one of your community faculty members, please contact someone from the TLC team.


Student Resources

To Discuss Issues

Contact Tiger Learning Communities Team
212 Wilder Tower