Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are specialized programs that combine the conventional residential experience with support from faculty, integrated resources from sponsoring departments, and a 360-degree approach to student learning. Living Learning Community members have frequent interaction with faculty and develop strong relationships with fellow students. Residents have access to many special resources, programs and activities, such as freshman orientation, seminars, tutors, mentoring programs, and smaller classes or reserved space in regular courses. In fact, many residence halls have classroom space located just a few steps from student rooms

There are numerous benefits of participating in a Living Learning Community that extend to students, parents and the University of Memphis. Research shows that learning community students have higher GPAs, are more involved, and have increased graduation rates. Additionally, participation encourages students to make meaningful connections with their peers, faculty, and university staff, ultimately assisting in their transition to college life.

Living Learning Communities offer a dedicated and distinctive themed living option to students and each community is tailored to a specific academic major or area of study. Residents maintain a genuine sense of community and receive lots of faculty interaction and guidance. All the Living Learning Communities are carefully planned and supported by University Housing staff along with the members of the community. Since all the members share interest in their community's theme, you can expect to build genuine professional relationships and life-long friends.

Emerging Leaders Housing is a neighborhood of exceptional students seeking to gain and enhance leadership skills. Our students participate in the University of Memphis' Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program (ELP) and work closely with faculty and staff to actively engage in leadership education. ELP students participate in a four-year intensive leadership training experience designed to enhance personal leadership and contribute significantly to a balanced, well-rounded college experience. Emerging Leaders Housing gives residents the opportunity to live in the type of community they will one day work to create.

Engineering Housing residents are paired with alumni and professional engineering mentors to network, learn career opportunities and share tips for collegiate and professional success. Members tour Memphis industries, engage faculty and staff outside of the classroom, and collaborate with peers in other engineering disciplines. Engineering Housing allows students to develop peer relations, collaborate with other engineering disciplines, and prepare to enter the workforce.

  • For more information or to become a mentor, please call 901.678.4557 or email Isaiah Surbrook at i.surbrook@memphis.edu.

New for the Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Academic Year, the Kemmons Wilson School (KWS) LLC will consist of students pursuing degrees in the Sport and Leisure Management or Hospitality and Resort Management programs. Living with fellow LLC students who share your career interests will provide you with many benefits, including the opportunity to participate in entertaining activities that enhance academic and personal development, connection with industry mentors, faculty and peers. Students will train with and Insider's Pass to explore Memphis Attractions and become experts of tourism and attractions in the Memphis area. Join our KWS family!

First Generation Living Learning Community is  an intentional grouping of students housed together wanting to maximize their opportunities for success as being one of the first in their family to attend college. This community emphasizes the shared experience and sense of responsibility many first generation students feel as they navigate their college life. Students participate in a common academic course during their first semester that focuses on the development of academic skills and strategies proven to enhance student success. Members also benefit from mandatory one-on-one academic coaching, in-hall study space, and community mentorship from University of Memphis first generation student leaders.

First Scholars Living Learning Community is a purposeful community of 20 first-year students selected to participate in the First Scholars Program. First Scholars focus on community and campus engagement, leadership development, and successfully transitioning to college as a first-generation college student. As part of this First Scholars cohort, students will all take the same ACAD 1100 course taught by the First Scholars Program Coordinator to foster a deep understanding of the academic skills and strategies proven to enhance student success. Each participant is assigned a peer mentor to help navigate the first year. First Scholars will work with the Program Coordinator to form an individual strategic plan to meet their academic, social and co-curricular goals.

Helen Hardin Honors Housing gives students the opportunity to take classes, participate in social activities, and live with other academically talented students. Students take core interdisciplinary courses together during the first year in the program and create a strong learning community. Members are exposed to social and academic programs to enhance academic and personal success such as a welcome dinner, pizza parties with professors and study abroad workshops.

  • For more information, please call 901.678.2690.

Music Scholars Housing provides students with formal and informal activities to advance their musical and academic development along with real-world interaction with faculty. Members are encouraged to evaluate the place and purpose of music in their lives as a career, creative outlet, lifelong avocation or a means of serving their community. Students living in Music Scholars Housing have a 24/7 musical experience with lots of learning at home and in the classroom. Music Scholars are required to take Music Theory I and II, a music history, applied music lessons, and large ensembles.

  • For more information, please call 901.678.3766.

ROTC Housing facilitates a strong sense of connection and belonging, and lays the foundation for successful learning and intellectual growth. ROTC Housing offers a unique curriculum, positive atmosphere and rewarding environment to help members have a first-class collegiate experience. All military branches offered under the College of Arts and Sciences are represented. Residents participate in out of class activities to further their development into "Global Officers."

  • For more information, please call 901.678.4025.

UofM Theatre and Dance students experience learning inside and outside of the classroom, work together on projects and homework and build lasting relationships within a community that supports and encourages the arts.

For more information, please email Brandon Hayes at bhayes6@memphis.edu or call 678-2523.

Student Interest Communities

Housed at Carney-Johnston Hall, Nursing Housing at Lambuth provides a mixture of residential experiences and immersive study options for the field of Nursing. Faculty and staff enable students to thrive in their studies, socialize with others on campus and acclimate to the exciting and challenging Nursing curriculum.

For more information, please email Sherry Channell at s.channell@memphis.edu