How to Join

Tiger Learning Communities are open to new freshman at the University of Memphis main campus. Enrollment is limited to 20-25 students per community, depending on the community. In some cases you will attend lectures with a larger group of students, but you and the professor will know the members of the community. The professors of your community courses will work together to coordinate activities and assignments for your community.
 To join a community:
1) Review the list of Tiger Learning Communities
2) Read the descriptions of the communities and identify those of most interest to you
3) Discuss which community is best for you when you meet with your advisor during orientation
4) Once the appropriate permits have been issued, you may register for the community


Before classes start, you will get an email from your learning community coordinator welcoming you to the community. Be sure to participate in all of the community activities and make the most out of this opportunity. For more information on specific communities, click here.


If you have questions, please contact:

Vanessa Brocks
Program Coordinator
Tiger Learning Communities
(901) 678-2062