Procedure for Filing a Claim Against University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is an agency of the State. Therefore, the University is bound by state laws governing claims against the state for personal injury or property damage. The Tennessee Claims Commission has been established to determine all monetary claims against the state falling within one or more of the categories listed in Tennessee Code Annotated §9-8-307. If you have a claim, you must submit a notice of a claim to the Division within one (1) year of the occurrence from which the claim arises.

File a claim online via the Tennessee Claims Commission >

For more information contact:

Tennessee Claims Commission
Division of Claims Administration
9th Floor, Andrew Jackson Building
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0243
Telephone: 615.741.2734
Fax: 615.532.4979

Upon receipt of your claim, the Division of Claims Administration will investigate and make every effort to act upon it within ninety (90) days.