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NEDtalks is a bi-annual research forum hosted by the Ned McWherter Library where UofM professors and students share recent research in engaging & entertaining 15-minute presentations in the TEDtalks style. One event of the year is dedicated to UofM professors. The second event, NEDxStudents, is dedicated to UofM students. The Libraries partners with Helen Hardin Honors College for NEDxStudents, and a panel of judges awards the best student presentation of each day a monetary prize.


NEDtalks: UofM Faculty & Instructor Research Forum 2022

NEDtalks will be held Wednesday, November 9, and Thursday, November 10, 2022, 3-5 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Commons (Ned McWherter). UofM faculty and instructors from multiple disciplines will share their recent research in engaging and entertaining 15-minute presentations. View the full list of presentations and speakers below. Refreshments will be provided. This event is free and open to all and is sponsored by the University Libraries.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 – McWherter Library, 2nd Floor Commons

3PM       Noncoding RNAs Work as the Most Important Endogenous Regulators for All Cancers - Dr. Anyou Wang, Research Assistant Professor, Feinstone Institute for Genomic Research

3:15        'I Like the Wine and Not the Label': Sexual Fluidity and Discourse in 'Schitt's Creek'Jill Fredenburg, Doctoral Student, Communication & Film

3:30        When the Mississippi was French - Dr. Will Thompson, Associate Professor, French

3:45        We're All Project Managers - Yes, Even You! The Importance of Project Management as a Strategic CompetencyTimothy Flohr, Instructor, Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Management

4:00        Oxytocin's Role in Social and Drug RewardDr. Deranda Lester, Research Assistant Professor, Psychology

4:15        The Alignment of Written Philosophy and Clinical PracticeDr. Ti­ffany Bates, Clinical Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

4:30        The Hardhat Riots of 1970: Grassroots or Astroturf?Dr. Scott P. Marler, Associate Professor, History

4:45        The Angel's Wings Have Logic: What Reading the Literature of Magical Realism Can Teach Us About Changing Our Schema for Interpreting RealityDr. Paula Hayes, Assistant Professor of Teaching, English


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10 – McWherter Library, 2nd Floor Commons

3PM      Off­ Campus Creativity: A Partnership Involving an Urban MuseumDr. Bryna Bobick, Professor, Art Education

3:15       Revealing the Voynich Manuscript, Morpheme by MorphemeDr. Leah Windsor, Associate Professor, English and Institute for Intelligent Systems

3:30        Social Media: Facts, Fake and FictionDr. Dipankar Dasgupta, William Hill Professor, Computer Science

3:45        What is a DHM Microscope, and Which is Its Current State of Art?Dr. Ana Doblas, Assistant Professor, Electrical Computer Engineering

4:00        Death Masks and Sense Impressions in Renaissance ItalyDr. Rebecca Howard, Assistant Professor, Art History

4:15        Looking at Ourselves: What Does Blaming the Poor Look Like? - Dr. Elena Delavega, Professor, Social Work

4:30        How Do Narrative Structure and Format Influence a 360 Degree Video Ad?Dr. Ruoxu Wang, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Strategic Media

4:45        Choral Tone: The Foundation for Musical RealizationDr. Francis Cathlina, Assistant Professor of Choral Conducting


NEDxStudents 2023

This event will be held in the Spring! Dates TBD. 


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