Food, Drink & Tobacco Policy

The University Libraries permits food and drink in McWherter Library and its branches. However, spills from food and drink can cause permanent stains, mold, and mildew on materials, furnishings, and carpets. Food leftovers not disposed of properly can cause pest infestations. Therefore, to ensure the preservation of collections, library equipment, and facilities, we encourage you to be conscientious in disposing of trash and in abiding by this policy. In keeping with the UofM policies (UM1563 Rev.1 and UM1738), illicit drugs, alcohol, and smoking (including electronic cigarettes) are not permitted in the University Libraries.

Food and beverages are permitted except in the following areas:
  • Book and periodical stacks
  • McWherter Library Instruction Rooms 225 and 226
  • McWherter Library Preservation and Special Collections Department
 User Responsibilities:
  • Please make sure beverages are in covered containers with secure lids
  • Food and drink should not be left in the Libraries overnight
  • Please use the trash receptacles to dispose of waste
  • Please use designated recycle bins to dispose of bottles and cans
  • Should spills occur, please use paper towels from restrooms to clean up and notify library personnel at a service desk