Mail Preparation & Handling


  • All campus mail must be placed in special reusable campus mail envelopes which are provided for this purpose. Failure to use these envelopes results in postage being placed on campus mail.
  • For purposes of delivery, campus mail should be addressed to the department or activity. When use of a name of a specific individual is desired, the name of the individual should follow the department name or individual.
  • The use of buildings and/or room numbers without a department name is not sufficient address.
  • Always mark out all previous addresses on the campus mail envelope before addressing it for your use. This expedites delivery.
  • Business mail from departments and activities addressed to student boxes must be separated from outgoing business mail to call attention to the fact that it does not need postage. Rubber banding this mail and attaching a note indicating "Student Boxes" will prevent unnecessary postage being charged to your account.


The United States Postal Service has implemented Shape Based Pricing to determining classes of mail. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your mail will qualify for the lowest possible rate.

Bulk Mail sorting is prepared as follows:

      Minimum Length 5 inches, Maximum Length 6 inches
      Minimum Height 3-1/2 inches, Maximum Height 4-1/4 inches
    Minimum Thickness .007 inch, Maximum Thickness .016 inch
    Minimum Length 5 inches, Maximum Length 11-1/2 inches
    Minimum Height 3-1/2 inches, Maximum Height 6-1/8 inches
    Minimum Thickness .007 inch, Maximum Thickness 1/4 inch
    Maximum Weight is 3.5 ounces
    Minimum Length 11-1/2 inches, Maximum Length 15 inches
    Minimum Height 6-1/8 inches, Maximum Height 12 inches
    Minimum Thickness 1/4 inch, Maximum Thickness 3/4 inch
    Maximum Weight 13 ounces
    All Large Envelopes over 13 ounces are sent at Priority Rates
    Length plus Girth cannot exceed 108 inches
    Length is the longest side of the package
    Girth is the thickest part perpendicular to length
    Maximum Weight 13 ounces
    All Packages over 13 ounces are sent at Priority Rates

Metered Mail

All mail metered with University of Memphis postage affixed must have a University of Memphis return address shown in the upper left corner of the envelope or parcel.

Properly fill in all fields on the University of Memphis Mail Services Outgoing Mail Form and make sure all outgoing mail is properly addressed.

Be sure to enter the correct six digit budget account number in order to avoid a delay in processing. If multiple account numbers are used, mail must be banded by account number. It is not necessary to put an account number on each piece of mail, unless it is a single-piece mailing.

Place all envelopes which are already stamped, metered, or classified as business reply envelopes into separate bundles so that they may be handled apart from the envelopes which need postage affixed.

Please seal all non-letter size envelopes and face all mail in the same direction before bundling.

Separate all foreign mail, including Canada and Mexico, from States mail and bundle together with a rubber band. Foreign mail requires higher postage rates than intra-U.S. mail. Mixing foreign mail with U.S. mail could cause insufficient postage and a delay in delivery. All foreign mail, including brochures, must be enclosed in envelopes to be acceptable for foreign mailing by the Postal Service.

Attach Outgoing Mail Form to top of bundle with a rubber band; if not possible because of mail piece size, please tape not staple. Rubber banding mail affords safer handling and is necessary to prevent combination with mail for other account numbers.