Window Services

We offer a variety of window services at our station located in 259 University Center. Services include stamp purchases, mailings such as First Class and Priority, delivery and signature confirmations, and much more. Feel free to call or stop by and ask about wide variety of services designed to meet your postal needs. Here are a few examples of services we offer:


Stamps are on sale at the post office contract station windows. In addition, stamp collector items are available for collectors who wish to examine the items for collecting purposes.


C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) mail may be received through Mail Services but cannot be sent.

Certified Mail

Certified mail service provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery at the office of address. It is handled in the same manner as ordinary mail, with no insurance coverage provided. All mailable matter of no intrinsic value, on which postage at the first-class rate has been paid, will be accepted as certified mail. A return receipt may be obtained upon payment of an additional fee.

Registered Mail

Registered mail provides added protection for valuable and important mail, and evidence of mailing and delivery. All mailable matter with postage paid at the first-class or priority rate may be registered. The sender is required by law to declare the full value of the registered mail. Registered mail must bear the complete name and address of both sender and addressee. All seams on packages or large envelopes must be sealed with paper tape. Scotch tape, masking tape, mending tape, and filament tape are not acceptable. Mail Services employees are not permitted to assist in the preparation or sealing of mail to be registered. Registered mail must be presented to the post office contract station in the University Center by sender or a representative. Mail Services personnel cannot present it to the post office as the sender's representative.

Insured Mail

Insurance provides a means whereby the sender may obtain payment for loss of, riffling of, or damage to domestic mail. This service is available for all third, fourth, special fourth, and library rate classes of mail. Third or fourth class mail sent priority mail, due to the need for faster service, may also be insured.

Insured Mail that is purchased at our USPS campus post office provides up to $5,000 indemnity coverage for a lost, rifled, or damaged article, subject to the standards for the service and payment of the applicable fee. A value must be declared at time of mailing.

Parcel Post

Parcel Post is handled as fourth-class mail. It is rated according to zone. Insurance, special delivery, and special handing service may be obtained for fourth-class parcel post. Fourth-class parcels mailed for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service may not weigh more than 70 pounds and may not be less than 108 inches or exceed 130 inches in length and girth combined. Measure as follows: (1) measure the longest side; (2) measure distance around the parcel at its thickest part [girth]; (3) add both measurements. This total should not exceed 130 inches.

Expedited Mail Services

Expedited (overnight) mail services are available via the United States Postal Services and Federal Express. A description of each follows:

Express Mail (U.S. Postal Service) offers overnight and second day service with messenger service pickup or direct mailing at all postal facilities. The overnight service is based on the time Express Mail is entered into the system and the ZIP code of destination. Custom designed service is available only on a scheduled basis between designated postal facilities or other designated locations under a special service agreement. Letters and parcels weighing 70 pounds or less are accepted for Express Mail.

Federal Express picks up overnight mail from Tiger Copy & Graphics at 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. A second pickup takes place at Mail Services on the Park Avenue campus Monday thru Friday at 3 p.m. Overnight packages should be brought to Mail Services no later than 2:45 p.m. for processing prior to this pickup. (Should you miss the second pickup, there are two FedEx Office locations on Poplar Avenue that are open until 10 p.m.) The University's Federal Express account number should appear on all airbills so that the proper account is charged. The recipient's complete address should be included on each airbill; including name, phone number, and departmental index number. Please check the desired package service and whether or not the package contains dangerous goods. Departmental charges for Federal Express service will be billed with other Mail Services charges on the 20th of each month. Any discrepancies in billing should be reported to Mail Services as soon as received. Mail Services will coordinate any adjustments with Federal Express. NOTE: Federal Express does not deliver to Post Office boxes. If time constraints dictate, Federal Express couriers may be called directly to pick up overnight materials.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Our methods of payment are cash and personal checks. Personal checks are accepted (with appropriate identification as specified by standard university check cashing procedures) for all items except money orders.